TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Get creative in the kitchen with spring rolls

Found in various forms across Asia, spring rolls are a delicious way to get creative in the kitchen using a variety of wraps, filling, and dips. Mark Bittman demonstrates how to make two variations using shrimp and tuna.

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>> we're back now at 8:44 with how to cook everything today. on the menu this morning, spring rolls .

>> the cooking technique differs from one country to the next but mark said they can be easy to make. we'll put him to test on that.

>> good morning to you.

>> i read the directions. this seemed difficult to me.

>> well, if we had the time to make 10, you would be experts but even making one you're going to do it.

>> okay.

>> let me just show you this over here. they don't need cooking. they just need to be soaked. so you pour them --

>> that's hot water .

>> actually boiling water over them. you cover them. you let them sit for about 10 minutes . you drain them and then you have that.

>> we're using those on the interior.

>> everything here is an option for the interior and what the wrap we're starting with is rice paper which is beautiful, thin little cakes of rice.

>> mine is broken already.

>> okay.

>> so dip in here. this is hot water for like five seconds.

>> okay.

>> and then rescue it. let it drain a bit.

>> that's good savannah.

>> thank you.

>> and get it on the -- that's good.

>> and put it on the towel.

>> okay.

>> just lift this little edge so that we'll make sure that it comes up later.

>> okay. got it.

>> and now, as with everything you're going to wrap you don't overstuff and you don't under stuff, are there any rules? anything you don't want to put into a spring roll ?

>> bean dip.

>> matt we have meet for you. you can use meat. it's nice if you put the attractive stuff toward the outside.

>> you said don't overstuff, don't under stuff.

>> what's right?

>> what's just right is sort of a little bit of everything. you want herbs, you want some vegetables, the man goes look very pretty actually.

>> are we putting this on top of one another?

>> keep it all to the bottom third.

>> i'm sorry.

>> that's all right. i just need explicit direction.

>> so something like this.

>> okay.

>> asparagus is very nice too.

>> now, these can be complicated to eat, right?

>> no, they'll be very simple to eat.

>> i got here early because i hadn't made these in awhile. i learned how to make these in vietnam actually where these grandmothers sat around laughing at me because i was so bad at it but the fact is with a little practice --

>> all right.

>> they're pretty easy.

>> now with the noodles -- i didn't show you this but you want to cut them with the scissors so they're not too long. you can use way more than that.

>> you said don't overstuff.

>> i know but the thing is what you'll see is really more.

>> it's easy to cut that, right?

>> no, you're fine. i would cut it more.

>> all right. let's get the folding going.

>> what keeps it from breaking as we fold?

>> it will tear a little bit. but the next level will. start as you would a burrito and tuck that under.

>> it's very thin. i'm afraid it's going to break. so you just roll.

>> roll.

>> you make it tight.

>> as tight as you can make it. that looks great.

>> look.

>> tuck in the little ends so that people think you're a professional.

>> great.

>> do you have a dipping sauce or something?

>> we have three dipping sauces. they're located way over there. that's a vodipping sauce with garlic and chilly and lime. that's mixed with mayonnaise and that's soy ginger garlic scallion. we need our dipping sauce .

>> i feel very accomplished.

>> really when i got here this morning, i wasn't doing anything that well.

>> good.

>> but it progresses from really bad looking to better looking .

>> and the lettuce wraps but they're hard to eat.

>> and what you spray with the water and do the same thing is much, much easier and looks beautiful.

>> do you want to do the tease?

>> no.