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TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Study: 7 in 10 Americans hate their jobs

A Gallup poll reveals that the majority of Americans hate their work or feel uninspired on the job, and that discontented workers cost $550 billion in lost productivity by spreading that negativity to others.

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>>> to none of us here. however, trending on, if you hate your job, you're apparently not alone. so what percentage of people do you guys think say they are unhappy at work.

>> i say 50%.

>> 60%.

>> 70%.

>> bingo. 70% of people who are asked in this brand new study say they admitted they either hate their work or feel completely uninspired on the job. the report from the folks at gallop says a lot of these people roam the halls spreading discontent.

>> but we all know people like that, right?

>> yeah.

>> they are the malcontent.

>> yes.

>> and they try and spread that feeling to other people. this cost though, a lot of money. according to the survey it costs 500 $ $550 billion a year in lost productive. if you're making everybody else unhappy they're not doing their jobs properly. only a third of people asked in this poll said they were inspired or enganged in their job.

>> it sounds like a lot of complainers were polled.

>> it feeds on itself.

>> exactly.

>> wow. it's sad when it comes down to it.

>> it's a real luxury to love your job. that's for