TODAY   |  June 25, 2013

Kris Jenner: Baby North is ‘amazing’

The matriarch of the Kardashian family chats with the TODAY anchors about her upcoming talk show and her brand-new baby granddaughter, North, saying “the baby is doing great, and happy, and healthy.”

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>> show coming up starting july 15th and a brand new grandchild.

>> i do. i do. she is amazing and everybody is doing really well at home.

>> you have taken lot of photos. do you want to show me your cell phone and show me some of the pictures of the baby.

>> i'd have to kill you.

>> it wouldn't be the first time.

>> i'm erasing them all after this.

>> as a future talk show host , do you have news of any wedding plans of kim and kanye.

>> well, you'll have to tune in july 15th . no, you would have to ask them that. i keep that stuff all to them but right now serve good. the baby is doing good and happy and healthy and it's a really joyful time.

>> tell us about this show because this is kind of your baby. something you wanted for a long time.

>> i feel like i'm giving birth to something on july 15th . it's going to be really cool. it's more of a life style show. health and fitness and fashion and food and some pop culture obviously because we're kind of in the middle of all of that. get it straight from the horses mouth every day. and i'm so looking forward to it and having a really good time.

>> so right now who would be your ideal guest?

>> you.

>> no, seriously. who would you want to have on the show.

>> everybody asks me that. we have so many different ideas and we're putting it together as we speak. we go in about two or three weeks. so we just started putting it together.

>> will we see your kids on the show -- sorry al.

>> no, you guys keep going.

>> al first. go ahead.

>> your definitely going to see the kids in and out and a lot of fun.

>> al.

>> everybody will be checking in.

>> come on, al.

>> in terms of family. so everything else is good. there's nothing else you want to share with us? no other news.

>> not right now.

>> it's such a good opportunity.

>> i know i could just spill the beans right here.

>> kris jenner , you have the gift of gab so this is going to workout well for you.

>> thank you so much. a couple of babies this month.

>> so july 15th and you