TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

James Patterson: Get your kids reading this summer

The prolific author discusses his two new books out this summer: the thriller “Second Honeymoon” and a book for kids called “Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill.” He also talks about his passion, getting kids to read, saying, “If you send your kids out into the world and they’re not confident readers, it’s like sending them out with a handicap.”

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>>> james patterson has been on "the new york times" best sellers list more than any other author in the world. let that sink in.

>> wow.

>> now he's out with two new great reads for the summertime.

>> one for you. a thriller called "second honeymoon" and one for your kids which he's passionate about

called "middle school: how i survived bullies, broccoli and snake hills." good to see you. this is the first time you've delivered two works of art .

>> and it's always the same reason. i want people to get into the habit when they go to the library, go into the book store go online, don't just get a book for yourself. get a book for your kids.

>> such a passion project, getting kids reading. not only is it written well but there are great illustrations so kids could --

>> it's very funny. like when my son jack was 8 we said you'll read every day this summer. he said, do we have to?

>> he didn't like reading.

>> he's a smart guy . wasn't a big reader. but he read every single day. by the entd of summer he'd read about 12 books. please get your kids reading this summer.

>> parents have sort of given up on that. they let them sit in front of the tv, play the video games .

>> if you send your kids out into the world and they aren't confident readers, it's like sending them out into the world with a handicap. nobody would do that. nobody in their right mind --

>> they don't realize they're doing that.

>> people come up to me, can't get them to the dinner table. you must. and it's fun. that's the nice thing.

>> a lot of publishers are running into a hard time because a lot of things are out on ebooks.

>> people aren't going into the book stores as much.

>> what do you think the future will be like.

>> it's going around. there are more independent book stores, actually. they are coming back.

>> something about having that book in your hand.

>> i like both. ebooks are great, but, if --

>> they are convenient.

>> if you are going to do ebooks you'll have to introduce your kids to them. if you aren't going to the book store or libraries, if your kids aren't reading, they're not going to be able to get through high school .

>> for your young people 's book, what age group would be picking up the book?

>> 8. pretty good 8-year-old readers up to about 13 would be the middle school books.

>> tell us the premise of "second honeymoon."

>> i think it's my favorite of the thrillers.

>> which is what? of the 22 that you've written?

>> 800, i think. something like that. so this one is we're revisiting the main character and it took about six years to come up with an idea that i thought would be a cool idea for it.

>> we wish you success but it just seems redundant.

>> well, i wish you success, too.

>> grandparents that are watching, parents, do it.

>> great to see you again.