TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

KLG on Wallenda NYC walk: Don’t do it!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss Nik Wallenda’s tight-rope walk across the Grand Canyon and Kathie Lee begs the performer not to attempt a proposed high-wire walk above nine blocks of New York City.

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>> hello, everybody. it's fun-day monday. june 24th . are you sorry to be back at it this week? but we're going to make you smile today, we promise.

>> we certainly are. we're going to show you, first of all if you haven't seen the ugliest dog on earth, we'll show them to you.

>> the newest ugliest.

>> wally .

>> i think we need a recount, though. that's the way i feel about it.

>> we'll reveal ones we think should have won the ugliest dog .

>> show page three.

>> we'll have to show it before we get stuart arted. come to me. look at that.

>> i'm going to my dentist today because my teeth used to look like that but dr. larry rosenthal has changed my life.

>> those teeth are terrible.

>> how was your weekend, miss thing?

>> you know what? we -- i think it was one of the best weekends ever, ever, ever. the only time frank and i left our house and that point we just built was for church. and yesterday morning i was down there early doing devotions and i thought about regis and joy. i said i haven't seen them in a while. we couldn't get together in a while. i said maybe they're home this weekend. they had a new grandchild that lives out in california. their daughter joanna has just had a new baby girl . i give them a call. the next thing we know, they're coming. we had lunch yesterday. i don't know if we have the picture to show. there.

>> look at leola.

>> look at joy. the shape that woman is in.

>> she knows how to pose.

>> there's reg. every time regis comes to our house, he goes, and yet another place to eat. we had a great lunch. and our friends. we just entertained all weekend long. but it didn't feel like it because it's such a comfortable spot.

>> the moon.

>> i tried to take pictures of it. the pictures do not even show because i looked and said that's the most beautiful thing. i took a picture and it looked like a pin trick on the camera but it was gorgeous.

>> speck particularular. and saturday night that's what frank and i did. we went down there, built a fire and had a little vino.

>> of course you did.

>> but the moon was coming on. it's 11:00 . frank and i haven't stayed up until 11:00 with our clothes on in a long, long, long, long time.

>> hey, hey.

>> all right. i have to say i haven't been out to giant stadium. i've never been to a ball game there.

>> you have to go to a football game with us this fall.

>> i'd love to go. they had this health expert that channel 4 locally does here. it was a terrific event. it's the whole football field filled with fun and games for the kids. they had like a 2-year-old run. i ended up taking some pictures with some really nice people who were out there. yeah. look.

>> they came to sign your book for them.

>> no, they wanted to bring wine. no one would let anyone bring vino into the stadium.

>> what has become of this country?

>> they were asking for you and there were some adorable kids who were there. most were crying when they came near me. i don't know what it was.

>> they have a good sense about people.

>> stop it.

>> so last night, nik wallenda, did you guys watch that?

>> only on the news. i couldn't watch.

>> i can watch something once i know it's over and has a happy ending. but to think that -- he's one tiny nano second away from death was hard.

>> it would be so hard to watch. i watch the clips too. i followed it on twitter. they said he's just left. someone said i can't watch it. this is torture. it's unwatchable because it was so difficult to watch him walking across the grand canyon . took him 22 minutes .

>> three football fields long.

>> if you hear what he was saying as he started, he was praying pretty much. let's listen.

>> i would, too.

>> i command it in your name, jesus . authority of god praise you. praise you, jesus . praise you lord. winds are way worse than i expected. praise you, jesus .

>> doing good. looks spectacular.

>> when you see that wide shot. and the wind. and at one point he had to squat down.

>> wasn't it true that -- oh, oh. and there's no net, by the way. he doesn't want --

>> don't take your hand off me.

>> why did he do that?

>> that's the reason to get to the end. but at the same time how horrible for his loved ones .

>> how about at the end.

>> oh, my god.

>> make you nervous about that when you are watching the u.s. open and there's a putt and you think you've got it and they lose it because of that. most people get in car accidents a few blocks from their home because they think they're already home and don't have to think about it.

>> i would have been praying the whole way, too.

>> it's hard for us to put ourselves in, obviously, his shoes. and just say why in the world would you risk something as precious as your life? but we have to understand culturally, that's the third generation of the flying wallendas . that's just what they do. they are circus performers.

>> if the kids are at the end watching hour, could you do that to your children? but those children are probably going to grow up and do it. thainge

>> they're already in the family business .

>> it's part of you. it would be shocking for any other kid to watch his dad risk his life. for these kid who get used to it. he wants to walk from the empire state building to the chrysler building , nine city blocks above manhattan.

>> i think it's a little easier to get insurance when you are going over something that there are no people below you. but to try to block off nine blocks --

>> can you imagine in manhattan? with most people standing there and yelling. yelling at you. stop! don't do it, nik wallenda.

>> if you had trouble sleeping last night, sunday night, you aren't alone.

>> thank you frank and bambino. sunday night is the most difficult night to fall asleep because you have kind of monday morning anxiety.

>> right.

>> so if you have trouble sleeping during the week it's going to get worse on sundays.

>> and it was last night. it truly was.

>> why?

>> poor frank doesn't know he's doing what he's doing. so when i have had it and then i knock him over, he's like, what? what? what? turn over ! but bambino is doing it now.

>> what's he doing?

>> he's a little restless. he's a little restless.

>> i know you aren't supposed to sleep with the dogs or your husbands after a certain amount of years, but i kind of like them both, and --

>> i think they are getting bored in the control room.

>> the other reason people have trouble falling asleep they have social jetlag which is you stay up later on friday night, sleep in on saturday and it throws off your normal rhythm of your week.

>> well, good.

>> we talk about the --

>> this is the funniest thing.

>> the ugliest dog contest, again, we showed you a couple of pictures. there some are hideous ones in a good way, that are here. why don't you come out. here's wally .

>> see, i think wally is adorable.

>> hi, nice to meet you.

>> were you excited when wally won?

>> yes, i was.

>> i wouldn't have put wally in the running. explain the other ones that win this thing.

>> this is where the term dog ugly comes from is these guys.

>> show us a trick he does that shows off his best act.

>> i put him in a contest in our small town. he's won unusual dog or ugly dog so --

>> that doesn't make him ugly.

>> i put him in the world's ugliest dog contest.

>> what does he do when he gets a sit. wally , sit. sit. oh, wally --

>> wally .

>> oh, my god, those little feet . i'm looking at his feet.

>> wow, wally . wow. wally is quite the dog, isn't he? oh, yeah, wally . oh, my god.

>> so unusual, that's what the judges liked about him. he was different.

>> but he's so cute.

>> in the face they were saying the rest of him was unusual.

>> you think because he's won this he's going to get a big head? a bigger one?

>> that's no joke. stop it. you are disgusting.

>> is it going to go to his head, getting all this attention?

>> i don't think so. he's had attention since he was a little puppy because he's always looked unusual.

>> a lot of puppies have paws like that. you think they are going to grow into it. he has grown into them.

>> beagle, bassett and boxer.

>> he didn't have a chance.

>> but i still think there were some other ones. do we have any pictures of the other ones that were in the running? now tell me --

>> oh, oh, oh.

>> no, these aren't --

>> that looks like meredith's dog.

>> wally is cute.

>> i know.

>> oh, the mohawk. oh, wow.

>> that's not so bad.

>> oh.

>> oh, my. is that --

>> how is that even possible?

>> wally wants another one.

>> well, thank you very much.

>> you're welcome.

>> i prabrought in my favorite thing, but i prefer wally . i spent all weekend out in the sun. you know how i am about the sun. i had some farmer lines and stuff and i wore the 50-plus and kept adding it. this l'oreal paris, it's new. sublime sun. sublime sun sunscreen for about $10 at your local drug store . it's 50. but it also has a beautiful sheen to it.

>> does it smell good?

>> you tried it the other day and said even you'd wear it.

>> i love it. isn't that great?

>> here's my favorite thing. i drink coffeemate because i can't have dairy and i love it. guess what they came out with. coffee mate that tastes like girl scout cookies . like all your favorite girl scout cookies are now in coffee mate form. i didn't think -- i don't usually like sweet innocence my coffee.

>> oh, that kind of coffee mate . it's liquid.

>> does sara have one?

>> yes. this is a jackory mini. it's the smallest external battery you can have for your iphone. you can get an extra 50 hours charging. yeah. when you -- think about when you are traveling. i live by outlets because my phone is always dead. just bring this in your purse or bag or pocket.

>> i so wanted to steal that from her.

>> you are here. you are trouble, mr. danger.

>> my other favorite thing is, i watched the lone ranger last night with my friend army hammer. army is here today along with that guy over there.

>> marlon.