TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Marlon Wayans: ‘Nasty thoughts’ on set with Bullock

The actor discusses his latest role in “The Heat,” and reveals what it was like to improvise lines with Melissa McCarthy and star opposite Sandra Bullock, who he had an on-camera chemistry with.

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>>> if you haven't seen the previews then you probably can't wait to check out one of the funniest films "the heat" which stars sandra bullock , melissa mccarthy and marlon wayans .

>> an fbi agent that happens to be sandra bullock 's love interest that finds himself right in the middle of all the action. check it out.

>> excuse me, i was wondering if you would --

>> okay. awkward. nothing personal but as a rule, i make it a point not to date my co-workers so thank you.

>> i was wondering if you would not talk to me in that tone.

>> oh, oh, yes, of course.

>> it's a little different.

>> yeah, of course, why wouldn't i?

>> where would you?

>> we should go to the paint factory?

>> are we clear here because it got real awkward.

>> no, we're good, right? we're really good.

>> same page.

>> i don't want any --

>> okay. here we go. let's go to the paint factory.

>> she doesn't want to date co-workers so spread the word.

>> shut up.

>> i love being here. you guys feed us wine . let's do it. here's to you. this is the "today" show. we're going to do this. this is like going to breakfast after the club and we're going to continue to party. let's do it.

>> this looks so fun. these two girls must have been a kick to work with.

>> that's the script and how much was it you guys playing and having fun with it?

>> a lot of it was improvise. a script but that whole ending was like improvised. melissa and sandra, they are both really strong with improvising. and it's funny because i was actually the straight man in the movie.

>> you were?

>> yeah, melissa is hilarious. the filthiest mouth in this movie.

>> who?

>> melissa .

>> the old black man somewhere down her throat. richard prior somewhere down there just cursing up a storm. she's so funny. they play well together. and they are both beautiful.

>> if you'll remake a movie as iconic as the heat you make it with a brand new take.

>> oh, "the heat" was an actual movie? i thought it was original.

>> was it?

>> maybe i'm wrong.

>> there was a movie " city heat ."

>> and then "the heat of the night."

>> but enough about me.

>> all right. i'm wrong. write it down. once in a while --

>> i'm sorry. i thought there was an old classic movie -- never mind!

>> anyway, go ahead.

>> what is it like to make this amazing new, brand new movie?

>> well, the brand new movie is amazing. working with both of them is great. sandra, i got to play her love interest .

>> how much of a love interest are you?

>> i didn't get to kiss her. but i got to look at her in a lot of different ways like i wanted it but i couldn't have it.

>> unconsummated love affair .

>> when they said cut, like afterwards, in my head, a lot of nasty stuff happened. but on set, it didn't happen.

>> you remember when you were here last time.

>> what happened?

>> do you remember? you screamed a lot.

>> from the movie.

>> this is what it was. [ scream ]

>> now we're going to quiz you. we're going to play a scream and see if you can guess.

>> these some ugly dogs.

>> here's the first one. listen. [ screams ]

>> who is that?

>> one of your kids?

>> my son.

>> drew barrymore from "e.t."

>> that was a good scream.

>> scream number two.

>> we just saw this.

>> okay. scream number two. listen first and then we'll show you who it is. [ screams ]

>> psycho?

>> close.

>> let's roll the tape. this is what it is.

>> oh, the original. or was it a remake of an iconic movie?

>> we have one last one. see if you can guess this. [ screams ]

>> one more time.

>> no, that was it.

>> now go.

>> that was so fast.

>> this is the real one.

>> what is this? what are you hitting the shake for?

>> giving you something to scream about, baby.

>> we wish you great luck with the movie.

>> thank you.

>> all the best with this brand new movie.

>> it comes out june 28th .

>> at a theater near you.