TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Buzz: Kim and Kanye are not engaged yet

Celebrity expert Rob Shuter talks about the latest news about Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and their new baby daughter, North West. Also up for discussion: Funeral plans for actor James Gandolfini, and speculation about whether QVC will cancel Paula Deen’s appearances on the network.

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>>> buzz." we catch you up on all the hollywood gossip you might have missed over the weekend.

>> from the paula deen controversy to the latest between kim and kanye . the always naughty but nice.

>> how are you?

>> good to see you.

>> kim and kanye , we heard about the name.

>> northwest is the name of the baby. it's no longer a direction on your compass that kim and kanye started to move up that google search . so the direction is still number one but the baby name is certainly moving up.

>> kanye has won round one? there's no "k" in that and his name is there and not kardashian.

>> she said she didn't want that name. jay leno asked her a mother ago. jay said there's a rumor it's going to be northwest and she laughed and said no. so kanye --

>> round one to kanye .

>> and then the big news this swkd they got married or engaged. that is not true. she does not have the ring on it. they are not engaged yet. is what people are saying.

>> james gandolfini , there's a service coming up.

>> the body arrived back in new jersey last night.

>> it looked like a scene from "the sopranos." to see it in a crate was so upsetting.

>> absolutely. and on thursday there's a service here in new york.

>> is that private or can the public attend?

>> this is the largest cathedral in the world. i did my research. it can hold about 10,000 people.

>> that won't be enough for him i don't think.

>> a lot of fans there. obviously a lot of his cast mates are coming into this. doing different projects throughout the world but they'll all come in for thursday's ceremony.

>> every time you see footage of someone that's recently passed, doesn't it just -- you can't believe that person is gone.

>> you just saw him in a film or in a clip or walking on a red carpet .

>> i think people are still digesting this.

>> let's talk paula deen . we didn't get to get to it in chat this morning. a lot has been talked about what's going to happen to her career.

>> she's lost her contract at the food network where she's been 11 years.

>> qvc is putting her on hold.

>> dwhoot you think?

>> i think that's going to be very difficult. i think qvc is an amazing business. if she keeps selling pots and pans she may have a chance of coming back. she doesn't have a scheduled chance to return. they've not cancelled her but haven't given her a new date.

>> they're waiting.

>> do you think this is a career ender?

>> i don't know. i think that if she is honest and says i'm terribly sorry and she means it from her heart, i'd like to think that --

>> how can people know? apparently her video that she made did not --

>> i think that was about the video was so badly produced.

>> i think sometimes people think i'll go directly to the people on youtube but i think that can sometimes watching you interact is much better in that way.

>> also the danger of get something professional person in there with you. it makes it look too contrived and --

>> matt will be fair and give her the opportunity.

>> really tells the truth, speaks from her heart, then we'll see what happens.

>> all right. weekend box office . big winners. who won?

>> brad pitt 's movie that everyone was a bit nervous about did fantastic.

>> didn't get great reviews at all.

>> cost a fortune. they rewrote the ending, reshot it. cost about $250 million. so massive box office . everybody was terribly nervous about it.

>> number two, though?

>> "monsters" was number one. that didn't get great reviews either.

>> so that one did well.

>> monsters number one, brad pitt number two. they were really worried about this movie. got terrible reviews. reshot the ending. cost a fortune and looks like it's going to do okay.

>> $250 million.

>> rob, lovely to see you.

>> rob was admiring our next