TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Money trivia: How much does it cost to make a penny?

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky quizzes TODAY’s Tamron Hall and Al Roker, as well as Carson Daly, on their money smarts, asking trivia questions about pop culture and financial literacy.

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>>> all right. time to put our money where our mouths are in a game we're calling funny money .

>> it's where pop culture meets finances. the questions are dealers choice.

>> who will come out on top.

>> me.

>> not me. i'm terrible at games but jean is our host and judge and i think my friend will help me win.

>> i'll do my best. no cheeth. here's how this goes. i'm going to give you a category, you each have $1,000 there. 1,$0 1,000 today show dollars. whoever gets the closest gets a prize.

>> first category is tabloid father. place your bet.

>> i got three on that.

>> i got five on that.

>> here's the question, mike tyson , and dion and gary all filed bankruptcy. how many years does it take a chapter 13 bankruptcy to fall off your credit record .

>> 10 years, 20.

>> al gets the money.

>> you should know that. al you should have firsthand knowledge of that.

>> by the way, you might --

>> i listened to jean's segments.

>> category number two, shopping cents, place your bets.

>> i'm going to go 500.

>> here's the question, in the song thrift shop , he suggests $50 is too much to pay for a t-shirt. what is the average percentage of their income that americans spend on clothing. average percentage.

>> average% of income americans spend on clothing.

>> i say 25%.

>> and carson gets it. it's actually 3% but at 5% you came close. that number is going down.

>> i like to shop.

>> not as much as tamron likes to shop.

>> category number three, is savings strategy. place your bet.

>> i'm going big. i'm going to put 500.

>>> all right. here's the question, in season 3 of downtown abbey all the money is gone because robert made one of the most basic investing mistakes. what did he do.

>> i've never seen that show.

>> what did he not do.

>> i know.

>> he invested in the recalled meat.

>> i got it.

>> i got it.

>> i need a buzzer.

>> where's my buzzer.

>> here we go.

>> he didn't save.

>> he cashed out.

>> no he didn't diversify. he put all his money in the railroad that went bust. it's category facts and figures in the episode the calzone, he gets kicked out of a restaurant when trying to pay with pennies. how much does it cost to make a penny.

>> it's a losing deal.

>> it's very controversial.

>> how much does it cost to make a penny is the question.

>> i'm going to say 10 cents .

>> 1 penny.

>> 2.41 cents. carson you're closest. you get the money.

>> all right.

>> and you just took all of al's money.

>> i know.

>> here we go. is that it?

>> we're out of money. no more dollars left.

>> no more time. we'll have to play this game again. carson would you like the box. behind the curtain you have to choose. one or the other.

>> take the box. take the box. go with the box.

>> i'll take the box.

>> oh.

>> what is that.

>> karoke machine.

>> i'm going home with that one.

>> that's pretty good.

>> this is great. thank you jean.

>> thank you jean. this is awesome.

>> thank you. thank you for playing.

>> all right. thank you. good information there.

>> thanks.

>> this is "today" on nbc.