TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Carson Daly talks about his worst breakups

TODAY’s Tamron Hall and Al Roker, along with visiting Carson Daly, chat about the hot topics of the day, including a breakup letter that has gone viral, prompting Daly to reveal a bit about his own bad breakups.

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>> so does he like the cubs -- he's the billow goat.

>> he'll come back.

>> the show is on twice a year.

>> he'll eventually win.

>> look at this two weeks getting back to the family and the kids.

>> just to be back is hot. today is ugly as you said. it is. we were in central park yesterday and i have a four-year-old that was here with the water.

>> you love taking your kids to central park .

>> we love it.

>> there's my daughter who is nine months now.

>> she's the new judge.

>> yeah.

>> no one told us.

>> that's right.

>> she just kept hitting the button and spinning.

>> 6 million a cycle.

>> fantastic. speaking of play time for grown up kids, there's a new study finds that two-thirds of moms and dads play with their kids toys after they're in bed.

>> guilty.

>> i was there yesterday getting toys for myself and my mom got my son a gift certificate . there's cool toys out there. he bought these little blade things which are like dredles on crack. it keep mess young.

>> did he go aftout to the clubs? where did he go?

>> here dad, you play with my toys.

>> did you do the same thing.

>> no. i didn't play with any of the kid's stuff.

>> i played with the stuff when i was a kid but it's this new thing called, i don't know, i got a life.

>> excuse us.

>> you play with them with the kids but not after they go to bed.

>> you had a wind mill when you were a kid.

>> yeah, please. most popular, lego, trains, nerf guns.

>> you're there and you end up --

>> the trains are cool too. the train set .

>> that also includes gaming consoles .

>> we haven't gotten that yet.

>> i need a gateway into the gaming world.

>> a gateway.

>> i need to figure that out. because you can do health and fitness and bowling.

>> the first time i used the wii it was the skiing thing but it's so fun. questionable things about the video game world but they have fun stuff.

>> it's a slippery slope .

>> but you're there to stop them. you're the parent.

>> you're going hey.

>> in the dance game , you could get some moves.

>> no, i'm beyond help.

>> i love this story.

>> you go ahead and take this one.

>> thank you. i love this one. a woman has taken to social media . this sounds like a joke in a bar but it's true. she has gone on and detailed the reasons why she broke up with her boyfriend. it has gone viral. we don't know the woman or the man but i believe in my heart this is real. so she gives 20 reasons for parting ways with this ex. reasons include, you can name all of your dudes in one direction. you eat your cereal with water instead of milk. i know men who do that. you use air quotes when you talk about the moon landing , really, bro, and your favorite actor is kirk cameron .

>> you eat cereal with water.

>> why would you do that?

>> save calories.

>> you can get skim.

>> it's the same thing really.

>> anyway, the point is do you guys think that this is reasonable, to go out and air the dirty laundry like that.

>> he probably has 20 reasons to dump her. everybody has got something.

>> what is the oddest break up then you've ever heard of.

>> ever heard of or been a part of.

>> both, i'm listening. any celebrity names.

>> i actually was -- i discovered that i was no longer in a relationship by listening to howard stern on the radio.

>> i know that story. come on.

>> that's how i found out. i was like really, you could have just called me and told me.

>> after the break up, publicly, you called.

>> i listen. it was a little news item. it was a long time ago.

>> did you call her straight away.

>> yes and a dude answered. no, i'm just kidding.

>> katy perry said she got a text message .

>> a divorce text.

>> wow.

>> i think stallone faxed a break up.

>> that was classy.

>> if it's over, why does it matter how you end it.

>> as long as you don't have to do it face to face .

>> i'm all about avoiding face to face .

>> absolutely.

>> yeah, hey.

>> hey this is al roker calling to break up with you.

>> hey, i'm breaking up with you.

>> i don't want the confrontation. so earlier carson we were out on the plaza celebrating your birthday. the last time we were here together it was your mom's birthday and now it's your birthday.

>> we only come on family birthdays.

>> to get gifts.

>> we have a shortage of cakes in my house.

>> your birthday is june 22nd , 1973 .

>> you're 40. come on. you look great for 40.

>> everyone tells their age.

>> my girlfriend said what do you want to do on your birthday and i said what i really want to do is fly on my birthday because at 36,000 feet no one can get to me.

>> you didn't want anyone to call and say happy birthday .

>> no, i get a lot of that and it was so nice to get the cake today.

>> nice to be loved. we'll show love to you in a different way. we'll question you, quiz you for your birthday since you got all the love. we're here to humiliate you. number one, this is around your birthday. what song was top of the billboard charts when you were born.

>> carly simon . i have no idea.

>> my love by paul mccartney , love will keep us together, or bridge over troubled water .

>> i'm going to take b, al.

>> i'm sorry. it's my love.

>> you don't remember this?

>> yeah.

>> this was being played in the hospital when you arrived.

>> this is the top song of 1970s . so it was --

>> it was still popular through '75. it didn't just go in and out.

>> if my mom was listening to this song, that's why she was in labor for three days.

>> i love this song.

>> what film was top of the u.s. box office the week you were done.

>> french connection .

>> b.

>> rocky.

>> c.

>> battle for the planet of the apes .

>> i'll go with rocky.

>> no. no. sorry.

>> who are you right now.

>> sorry. battle for the planet of the apes .

>> this is a terrible new game show , al.

>> you blew it all up.

>> we'll throw you a bone here. with which big name do you share june 22nd ? cindy lapper? m it's all three.

>> we have something for you. we'll bring it out.

>> it's amazing.

>> cheese its.

>> i love them. are you kidding me?

>> dig in.

>> way better than the 8:00 a.m . cake.

>> it's all there for you.

>> thank you.

>> we were actually going to have cheese-its made out of golf balls .

>> don't you love them.

>> wryeah.

>> we know everything.

>> let's go check back with willie and natalie. they're at the grand canyon . nik wallenda succeeding to become the first-person to walk across the grand canyon on a wire. these guys host a special last night on discovery. was it as heart pounding as it seemed?

>> even more so. being here in person. it was crazy.

>> it was. we were sitting on a platform watching for awhile. nik loosened us up. we spent a lot of time with him over the last few months. he said i got this. it's no problem. so he relaxed us a little bit but when it started and he was talking about this is a dusty wire and shaking more than i talk and he was talking to his father, these winds are bad out here, that's when we started to get more tense. it was gusting, al. there were 35 or 40 miles per hour gusts.

>> gusting right now.

>> and it's kind of like this actually and natalie and i who are not on a wire were actually holding on to each other at certain points when the gust came through and we'd look over and see that nick was still okay.

>> that shot of looking straight down, it's directly lifted from a wiley coyote -- it's the rod runner. look at that.

>> that's my favorite.

>> i love the 360 helicopter view as well.

>> i love when he knelt down and did the kiss.

>> yeah that was like a vertigo kind of thing.

>> he took a knee pretty quick in the walk. what was it like when you were there and saw him go down early on? what was that like?

>> that was about two and a half minutes into the walk when he nealed down to the wire and we look at each other and say this is not going as we thought it was going to go. i think we expected he was going to be dealing with the wind and we expected there maybe -- even he is a great showman, he likes to play to the crowds a little bit and make people worry a little bit but what you saw out there was all real. there was genuine concern on his part and realized as his dad said he had to work for every step.

>> i talked to his sister right afterward and she performed with him quite often and is in the family business as well and she was watching on a monitor and said she had never seen that look on his face. that was the first look of genuine concern. she said it was a face i had never seen on my brother before. it wasn't just us or people watching at home. people that know him well were worried at the beginning.

>> it was great tv. you did a great job out