TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Hot Google searches: Supermoon, Anna Kendrick

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals what everyone was searching for over the weekend, including actress Anna Kendrick, who is reportedly in talks to star in “Into the Woods” opposite Chris Pine, and the weekend’s “supermoon,” the fullest and brightest moon of the year.

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>>> millions of us were burning up the internet checking out hot topics.

>> daniel is here to break down a few of the top searchers.

>> are they writing into the search bar or just traffic?

>> yes but they're trending searches. we have seen spikes around particular subjects. not search volume but almost like in the pulse of the internet.

>> serena williams and marina sharapova.

>> right. they have taken their volley as off the courts but they have discussing each others person lives through the press. both said maybe we should stick to tennis. wimbledon starting today.

>> a lot of curiosity.

>> people want to know who said what and what is the feud all about.

>> exactly.

>> and does wimbledon up the ante on that?

>> i think it does. these are sport celebrities in a way.

>> and even tiger woods . they had words.

>> you never ought to see that.

>> especially golf and tennis which is more of the gentlemen sports.

>> anna kendrick .

>> people are getting to know her. she starred in up in the air and she was in pitch perfect and now there's rumors she may play the part of cinderella. there's going to be a disney movie. people are checking her out and see if this is true.

>> do you get any data or feedback of people's curiosity, whether it's positive or negative? or are they stunned that she is going to be sind recinderella?

>> probably a little bit of both. some people don't even know who she is.

>> paula deen .

>> yeah. of course we heard about this story really coming out on friday and then over the weekend, i think what was happening was people were getting context around it. what did paula deen say. so they wanted to see for themselves what was the context. how did she say this? when did she say this? the story continues to evolve and continue on; we're going to have paula on live wednesday at 8:00.

>> that was supposed to happen.

>> it was supposed to happen friday and she said she was too exhausted and you can understand the emotional toll this has taken. so she will be here wednesday live with matt.

>> more searches will probably continue after that.

>> absolutely. now the supermoon. this was so cool.

>> no super werewolves that we know of but the moon was closest in the orbit and largest in it's phase. a lot of people were taking pictures and wanting to know what it was about. was it affecting tides? there are of course stronger tieds and amazing pictures.

>> that adds to it too.