TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Justin Bieber giggling goes viral on Instagram

A shirtless Justin Bieber was the first to reach 1 million likes with the new Instagram video feature.

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>> week, instagram now offers a video option on it's feed. the feature continues to gain popularity. whose video was the first to reach 1 million likes?

>> i'm going to keep going. crazy news guys, there's video on instagram.

>> none other than justin bieber . as you can see, bieber 's instagram shows him shirtless and giggling and bieber was the first instagram user to hit 1 million followers and he now has more than 9 million.

>> doesn't he has a publicist? this has to stop.

>> yeah, talking about the giggle, what was making him giggle was a part of why it was trending.

>> the chain was tickling him.

>> yeah. tickle me justin.