TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Home design tricks that won’t break the bank

Chassie Post of invites cameras into her own home to reveal about how she decorated her apartment without spending a lot. She also demonstrates two ways to turn carnations into floral works of art.

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>>> this morning on you can do this, life style expert kathie shows us how to get home design tricks that will not break the bank .

>> now i haven't spent a lot of money decorating my apartment but because they've had a bit of a perky personality they have ended up in fun magazines like domino and house beautiful and billie magazine. so it's fun to see them in there. one thing i've learn is that subtlety is expensive. therefore i go for the bold statement and invest in my walls. in my last three apartments i used the same turquoise blue in each of them. why? because it makes me happy and it's cheap. in my current apartment i decided to go with patterns. you don't have to be afraid of wallpaper. you don't have to do the whole place like i did. just pick one wall as an accent. i love bringing the outside in to my apartment and love having something fresh in the house. but with flowers, that can get expensive. this carnation extravaganza is less than $50. so the morale of the story is, don't diss the carnation. the best piece of advice my friend and designer gave me is to get the art off of the floor and get it on your walls. art can be anything from a giant cardboard butterfly you find on the street to even your husband's broken glitter guitar. one of my favorite things about the house are the happy accents or the things that give it personality so you know that someone lives here. so when your 8-year-old comes along and puts spider man stickers all over your wallpaper or the today show comes along and breaks one of your prized possessions, you kind of have to embrace it. so now, here we are in my son's room where i attempted my most ambitious project to date. this head board. can you believe i made this myself? just a staple gun and afternoon. it really balances out the basketball hoop in here. thanks for coming by. i'll see y'all soon.

>> and i am so impressed.

>> oh my goodness, thank you.

>> you're going to redeem the carnation. i was once a diss the carnation.

>> i'm obsessed with them and here is why. they are so affordable. super cheap. you can get them at the grocery store and they last for three weeks. we'll make these carnations look like a million.

>> the first is this sphere idea.

>> you can get it at a floral supply store or craft store. you soak it in water and it will keep them alive. then you take a carnation and cut it down to about an inch below the flower.

>> why does something always happen to me.

>> here you go. cut it to an inch below the flower and then you just pop it in.

>> all right.

>> in there.

>> and i like to start from the center and make a mohawk and fill in and it's so easy and savannah, we could even whip some of these up for your wedding. matt, al, we'll get everybody in on it.

>> you have them all mono monocramattic.

>> when you're done it looks really expensive.

>> how long would that last.

>> it doesn't look remotely affordable which is the point. so it lasts about seven days if you kind of keep these with some water. they still soak up water.

>> what would you do? spray bottle or something.

>> yeah, spray bottle or soak it in a little saucer.

>> that's easy.

>> another thing and you saw if you come to my house you'll see the same arrangement over and over and over again. so it's effective. just take a bunch of carnation and instead of making one giant centerpiece, do a lot of little ones . cut them down to manageable size because you're going to put a rubber band around them.

>> okay. so not as short.

>> cut them down.

>> do you do the diagonal cutting?

>> yeah. and if you see over there, we have one that's already done and you just put a rubber band around the bottom and then if you grab that guy over there that's got a rubber band .

>> okay, yeah -- wait i wanted to do my own.

>> that's beautiful.

>> okay. put the rubber band around it. and then you eye ball your vase. and you want to cut it about a half inch to an inch shorter than your vase.

>> how's mine?

>> pop it in. you eye bald it perfectly. then you just plop it in and you're done.

>> the hardest part was getting the scissors open.

>> i know, that was the hardest part. then you're done. i like to mix in objects from your house and layer it with books. it's really so pretty and not remotely affordable looking which is the whole point.

>> you made me a believer