TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Pharaoh’s curse? Museum statue spins on its own

A millennia-old statue standing 10 inches tall has Manchester Museum employees in England stumped after time-lapse video shows it making a 180-degree turn without anyone touching it.

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>>> meantime, a ten inch stall statue has people in manchester england stunt after apparently it rotated without being touched. it did a total 180 degree turn without anyone touching it. look at it with your own eyes. a time lapse video but the statue does appear to have turned around all by itself. what do we think is going on there.

>> the night watch person in that museum, linda blair and i think she is responsible.

>> wow.

>> you guess? it's right there.

>> well, it's hard for me to see. do you believe in ghosts?

>> i do.

>> no.

>> do you believe in ghosts.

>> would you not have seen someone float by on the video.

>> but you can't see ghosts.

>> did you see the movie ghost busters ? come on. that's the one that got me.

>> tell him about the twinkie. one of the other biggest trending topics on twitter overthe