TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Study: People are most tired on Monday

A new survey says 39 percent of people have the most trouble getting to sleep on Sunday nights, with “social jet lag” and stress the key factors.

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>> first up, how are we feeling today? everybody well rested? raise your hand if you had trouble getting to sleep tonight .

>> every sunday night i can't sleep.

>> really? this is trending on the huffington post . monday morning if you're exhausted you're not alone. a new survey says 39% of people reported they have the most trouble drifting off on a sunday night. that's more than double the percentage that say the hardest night of the week for them saturday night. the runner up at only 19%. of the 39% of people that said they struggle on sundays, 70% says it takes them 30 minutes longer than usual or more to finally doze off and according to the survey tuesday and thursdays were the easiest nights to fall asleep with only 5% and 3% of people citing trouble on those nights. what do you think the reason people often cite for having trouble on sunday night would be?

>> i would think the week coming up.

>> you try to have a later night on friday and saturday night and throw off your schedule.

>> that would be considered one of the categories, social jet lag .

>> that's what i have.

>> and stress.

>> what if you walked a wire across the grand canyon and made it you would think you would sleep great but you asked nik wallenda that earlier and he couldn't do it.

>> exactly, thinking about the next stunt. he's stressed out.