TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

TODAY anchors meet winner of Ugly Dog competition

The judges of this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog competition ruled that beagle-boxer-basset hound mix Walle has a face and body that only a mother could love. But the TODAY anchors rule that Walle “has a really nice face.”

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>>> well, we've got a winner here in the studio. top dog at the ugly dog competition is named walle and judges say it was his waddle that sealed the win against the 29 other pups entered in that contest.

>> i don't know about this. walle is here along with his owner, tammie barbee. are you happy about this?

>> yeah.

>> walle has been sitting here. i think walle has a nice face. i don't think that's an ugly face at all. why do you think he won.

>> i think it was his body that won. his sperpersonality. they were looking for oddities in a dog. he has the crooked back and the shorter legs and the high rear end.

>> he's like you're talking about me, mom.

>> have you always thought that walle was cosmetically challenged or did other people point out to you that maybe he wasn't as attractive as other dogs.

>> they always have. he's always had a big head and little body and he's won awards where we lived.

>> he looks like scrapy-doo.

>> he has a nice personality.

>> he's an amazing dog.

>> where does walle go from here? it's all downhill from here.

>> he has to get going a little bit to see