TODAY   |  June 24, 2013

Officers comb through Aaron Hernandez’s house, car

Though no arrest warrants have been issued over the murder of football player Odin Lloyd, police officers spent much of Saturday searching the home, yard, and car of New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, who was recently seen with Lloyd. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> in massachusetts are keeping a tight lid on their investigation into a murder that may be linked to new england patriot's star aaron hernandez . stephanie is in north attleboro . good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. people coming into this neighborhood this morning were being stopped by police to see if they saw anything the day odin lloyd 's body was found. aaron hernandez hasn't been seen since friday. this is still very much an on going investigation.

>>> this morning, aaron hernandez is waiting on police. his house in massachusetts has been searched by investigators twice in less than a week. for over three hours on saturday more than a dozen officers combed through the house, the backyard and the players suv. two dogs and a local lock smith were brought in to help. in the end police left with multiple unmarked brown bags. the body of 27-year-old odin lloyd was discovered by a teenage jogger not far from hernandez 's house one week ago but the investigation has not been limited to that immediate area. law enforcement officials tell nbc news that police are looking at security video from this strip club in providence. the boston globe reports that hernandez and lloyd were seen together in multiple locations the weekend before the body was found.

>> police have video tape of the two men together on the night of the shooting. additional evidence from after 3:00 a.m . shows hernandez arriving back and lloyd is not seen on those tapes.

>> reporter: no arrest warrants have been seen in the case and police have named no suspects. the district attorney released only one statement asking the public for help in finding a side view mirror like the one in this picture. i spent time with odin lloyd 's family this weekend. they say all the attention made the grieving process more difficult and they hope it will help the case get involved more quickly.

>> all right stephanie. thank you.