TODAY   |  June 23, 2013

Jenna polls infants on baby food choices

There are more choices than ever when it comes to baby food, so expectant mother Jenna traveled to the baby grocery store in Charlotte, North Carolina to do a little research, and recruited a panel of experts to help out. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>> what's your baby got that no other baby ever had?

>> reporter: we've come a long way from apples and bananas and the grocery store in north carolina is taking us even further from super foods to super pouches to super confusinging. inside there are more than 200 varieties of baby food and four rookie inspectors. ready to investigate the cold, hard, messy truth. what we have for you today, as you can see in front of you, is a fine array of the best prepared foods on the market. there's some orange and orangey green stuff . these are sample sizes. talking it's like i'm not even in the room. so let you sit, mull it over, taste. in their first year of life, babies will have tested and tasted 600 jars of food. it's all part of a global industry estimated to be worth $55 billion by 2015 .

>> when it comes to baby food , it's more than just your baby needs to be fed. it's about choices.

>> reporter: and choices there are like apple aisin. it's an acquired taste . creamy vegetable with chicken. and barley kale, spinach and basil. good thing i didn't finish that. so my pallet may not be as sophisticated as theirs. so why don't we start over here. what did you think? did it go down easy? did you feel you digested it easily? ok okay. you, my friend, what do you think? but the takeaway, all good food, as long as someone else feeds it to you, i love it. that was awesome.