TODAY   |  June 23, 2013

Daredevil on walk over Grand Canyon: 'Life is on the wire’

Wire walker Nik Wallenda will risk life and limb in an attempt to walk across the Grand Canyon Sunday. He will be using a wire that’s only two inches wide, and will battle wind and heat to make the walk. NBC’s Ben Fogle reports.

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>>> a few hours from now daredevil nik wallenda will attempt to walk across the grand canyon . of course this isn't just any walk.

>> he'll be 1,500 feet in the air, roughly talking the height of the empire state building . walk across a wire, that much, two inches, with no net, no harness, this will be on live television . at the grand canyon now we have a live preview . hi, ben.

>> reporter: good morning, lester, erica. yes, nik wallenda is quite literally a walking daredevil, a seventh generation wallenda wire walker. he's constantly striving for new heights and if he completes this today and survives, this will quite literally be the zenith of his career. i'm different yeah, i'm different i'm different yeah, i'm different

>> reporter: nik wallenda isn't your average everyday sort of guy. he lives his life on a wire, a very, very high wire .

>> my great-grandfather said it best when he said life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting.

>> reporter: this seventh generation wallenda high wire walker is on a quest.

>> nik is constantly thinking bigger, higher, faster.

>> reporter: 0 to accomplish feats even beyond what his acrobatic family have done.

>> i hope they hold those lines.

>> reporter: his latest life threatening stunt walking across the grand canyon .

>> the grand canyon , so breathtaking, but then the reality is that it's also highly dangero dangerous.

>> reporter: the task, walk 1,400 feet, nearly the length of five football fields on a two-inch wire 1,500 feet up without a safety harness , without a net.

>> there's a lot of anxiety, a lot of excitement, and a lot of tensi tension.

>> reporter: all while fighting against mother nature . triple digit heat, potential up updrafts from the canyon and the winds.

>> that's are where the danger sets in for this walk, the winds, you can't see it.

>> reporter: but that danger is all a part of the wallenda way and it can be deadly. nik's great-grandfather, carl, fell to his death in puerto rico at the age of 73.

>> the truth is it's life or death .

>> reporter: nik is comfortable with that.

>> once i get on that wire, i become very peaceful, calm and relaxed for the most part. i get into a zone where i forget about everything around me. i'm in my open world. it's just me and that wire and there's a goal and that goal is to make it to the other side.

>> reporter: and, in doing so, nik will only add to his and the wallenda legacy. while it's still early morning here at the grand canyon , you can already see behind me the light shining. i can cannot tell you how deep it is. this is not a place if you suffer vertigo. i can tell you guys, i am scared of heights. you will not catch me out on the high wire later. nik wallenda will shortly be taking to that wire.