TODAY   |  June 23, 2013

World’s ugliest dog charms TODAY anchors

Walle, the 2013 winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, strutted his stuff on the plaza with owner Tammie Sue Barbee. TODAY's Erica Hill said an unofficial poll on Walle's cuteness factor had been done, which didn't quite agree with the outcome of the competition. Erica Hill was joined by co-anchors Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer.

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>>> was crowned the 2013 world's ugliest dog .

>> smart, though.

>> can you say congratulations?

>> the proud mom, is it congratulations, tammy?

>> i think so. i'm proud that he won.

>> he's not ugly, though. we've taken a very unofficial poll here.

>> it doesn't translate if you just look at wally 's face.

>> show me what's ugly.

>> something different. so wally has the shorter leg, the big butt, the big head, the arched back, the rear end that stands up higher.

>> now that you mention it.

>> something that was unique about a dog and he fits the criteria.

>> and you beat out all the rest. does he act any different? no.

>> now that he's famous.

>> he's a mix.

>> a beagle, a bassett and boxer. i think we'll keep an eye on it. he's always been that way, had a curve in his back.

>> is he friendly?

>> very friendly, yes.

>> can i pet him?

>> is wally insecure about his looks in any way?

>> i don't know. a lot of dogs used to push him over, run him over.

>> look where you are now.

>> why did you enter him?

>> he won the ugliest dog contest in our town, most unusual.

>> ep got $1,600 in prize money . did you take him out to dinner?

>> i'm taking him out for t-bone.

>> that's perfect. well, we don't agree. we say congratulations but we think you're adorable. if your own personal way.

>> he does have a great face.

>> in your own personal way.