TODAY   |  June 22, 2013

Daredevil to walk on wire over Grand Canyon

Sunday, against the backdrop of one of the world’s most stunning landscapes, stunt superstar Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk across the Grand Canyon on a wire the width of two bottle caps. TODAY’s Lester Holt reports.

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>>> his family has been risking their lives for generations. tomorrow night, nick wallenda will do it again taking on the most daring stunt yet.

>> he will walk across the grand c canyon on a wire the width of two bottle caps.

>> the goal is to make it to the other side.

>> when he sets a goal, he achieves it. he's hung fl a helicopter by his teeth and walked on top of a moving ferris wheel . he risks his life every time he walks on that wire. back in 2008 , a terrifying slip when crossing the wire on foot.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> minutes later, he set a guinness book record for the longest high wire bike ride. another scare when the wheel slipped.

>> don't go backwards, please.

>> tomorrow night, he will attempt to cross the grand canyon on a wire strung 1,500 feet above the ground, about as high as the empire state building . he will walk 1400 feet without a harness or net. death defieing stunts run in the family. they have thrilled families since the 1700s . that makes nick a seventh generation performer.

>> it's important for me to do it the way our family has always done it.

>> it comes with risks. in 1978 his great grandfather died attempting a high wire walk in puerto rico .

>> i want to make sure it's done right.

>> to ensure it never happens again, he relies on a safety team run by his dad, teri.

>> i would be worried sick if i wasn't there.

>> when he steps on the wire tomorrow night, he hopes to carry on a dream and a family legacy.

>> toward the end, i will tear up. i see my kids. i see my wife. i see the smiles on their face and the relief. the exhaustion goes away. it's excitement. we can celebrate.

>> i was commenting. i didn't like watching him stand by the cliff.

>> it's too close to the edge .

>> i can't believe his dad is there. my mom has a hard time when i travel to d.c. call me when you get there. his father watches this. what a responsibility.

>> he should wear a helmet.

>> whatever. i'll let you all think about why that was a stupid comment on my part. anyway.

>> sky wire live with nick wallenda airs on the discovery channel .