TODAY   |  June 22, 2013

World’s ugliest canine is crowned

These dogs lack star power, their lineage is uncertain and their looks could stop traffic for all the wrong reasons. This year, the 25th edition of the annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest selected a winner based on, among other attributes, a very impressive waddle. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> contest. it focuses on the dog's inner beauty .

>> reporter: they clearly lack star power . lineage is uncertain. their looks could stop traffic. it is puzzling that a contest replacing standard perfection with an invitation to say yes, at the annual sonoma county fair.

>> it draws media and people from around the country, around the world.

>> i have been a dog guy all my life. the dogs on my shirt are all that i have at the moment. what exactly is the competition of the negative, ugliest, even the word is ugly. ugly.

>> come on.

>> reporter: it turns out, everyone has a good time with this. there's none of the westminster seriousness with big money on the line.

>> they go over like this. like a donald trump .

>> the judges add this.

>> the dogs know they are loved. i think that's the bottom line .

>> i remind people, the dog doesn't know it's ugly.

>> reporter: all they know is they are fused over. in the end, one of them is named, if not best in show , the winner, of sorts.

>> give it up for wally.

>> reporter: a boxer, beagle, basset mutt. he's the ugliest over tough competition. judging by the smile from all of them, winning isn't what mattered most. for "today," mike taibbi , nbc news, petaluma, california.

>> i mean this seriously, wally is crowned the ugliest dog will be here. it is about their inner beauty .

>> i don't think that dog is unattractive. i'm not a dog person.

>> he has issues.

>> three dogs bred into one. it's hysterical.

>> can we talk about mike's shirt? was he going for his own contest with that?

>> the ugliest shirt.

>> maybe. with the christmas sweater thing.