TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

6 summer wines less than $17

Ray Isle from Food and Wine magazine and “Wine for Women” author Leslie Sbrocco give Kathie Lee and Hoda a taste of summer wines that are great for the season and won’t cost you more than $17 per bottle.

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>>> from sparkling wine to rose, we're ready to play a game called he said she said with our two connoisseurs.

>> leslie sparkle is the author of "wine for women" and ray is the editor for food and wine magazine . two of our favorite people on the planet.

>> so how does this game go down?

>> we have different kinds of wine, all great for summer. one is leslie 's. one is mine. you get to vote on which is the best.

>> so leslie is going to lead off with sparkling.

>> you guys know me and my love of sparkling wine . when you're looking at sipers, you don't have to go for the big expensive champagnes. yo can go for something low alcohol. one is from california. one is from italy. they're both a little juicy, a little fruity. a little low alcohol. this one is called ooh la la . and it's sparkling pinot grigio . and then we have this beautiful moscato from italy. it's actually like candy in a glass if you ask me.

>> that's my favorite.

>> oh!

>> and that one must be leslie 's.

>> leslie won.

>> i love that. i love sweet. but it's beautiful. rose. i think it's like the ultimate picnic wine. goes great with grilled chicken , anything, potato salad . we have one from spain. old school. one from the central coast of california . it's really terrific. one is a little lighter. one of them is going to be a little lighter.

>> i thought from the color i was going to like that one best. but any one's could be anyone's.

>> and the all purpose summer siper. you know i have a tattoo of rose on my leg because i love it so much.

>> i like that one.

>> this is mine.

>> and that's leslie 's?

>> and this is mine. both beautiful rose.

>> all are very affordable. the wine we are coming to are $10, $12 each.

>> now that's the perfect category for summer. you absolutely can. do it the way you like it. drink the red wine .

>> it's been done.

>> try this. we have a fantastic wine. this is a fabulous spanish wine . a little bit chilled down on this one. this is actually sangria. which means it has a lid. a little sweetener. it has real fruit juices and it's delicious when it's really chilled down.

>> it's cold. but of these two at this temperature i'll take that one.

>> excellent.

>> it's a tie breaker ch we have about 20 seconds.

>> terrific value. about three liters. comes in four bottles. bota box from california and powers from washington state . these are great for taking picnics, beaches, anywhere you can't use glass.

>> i can't believe that comes for a box. can you?

>> the boxed wines have really changed. there's good wines out there.

>> not crazy about that.

>> this is a harsh world we have going here.

>> this one.

>> this one is the winner.

>> oh, no!

>> we didn't know. we didn't know. so the winner is