TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

How to break up with your boyfriend

Our Guys Tell All panel of Grant Bowler, Rick Younger, Hal Runkel and Luis Ortiz explain the best way for a woman to break up with her boyfriend and how married couples can excite date night by meeting each other at a restaurant instead of showing up together.

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>>> time now for guys tell all. we gathered hot guys to answer your burning questions. first up, dating dad of two. grant bowler is helping us out. next is chris younger, married with a darling little better.

>> and marriage therapist hal rucker. and last but not least, luis from "million dollar new york." let's go across the street to sarah . what do you have?

>> first up, we have a dating question from julie who is also from oregon, correct? okay.

>> my husband and i just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and dating is getting boring, so we were looking for tips on dating.

>> how to spice it up, rick.

>> well, my go-to is the buck naked run-through. you run through naked and grab your clothes and then go out somewhere. it doesn't matter where because you're so excited afterward?

>> hal, are you down with that?

>> sure. my wife did something really cool where about 15 years of marriage, whenever we go on a date she gets ready in the kid's bathroom. so it's a reveal. you don't get to see how the sausage gets made.

>> but you also get peanut butter .

>> maybe you do plan to go out separately and meet. role playing .

>> the role playing scene is fun. that is hot.

>> i like the stranger danger version. where you arrive at a place separately and run the whole thing out. it just keeps it fresh. and try to go to new places all the time, too.

let's go back across to sarah . hey, sarah .

>> hi, guys. i have brian from maryland with a question about vacation.

>> when you're on vacation with small children, how do you maintain quality time with your spouse?

>> there is no such thing as a family vacation. there are family trips. that ain't a vacation.

>> you may have to take grandma with you, so that she can watch the kids after hours.

>> you have a different grandma in play.

>> yeah, my mother is very good. she likes to go on the trips and i'll hang with the kids at night. i'll go on the trip.

>> i think the best family vacation is where you leave the kids at home. nothing against the kids. take the kids on a trip, and then take your wife on another one.

>> i have no kids, and i'm not married. just like texting over dinner, if you're having a family vacation you're with the family. the idea is to spend time together with everybody.

>> here's a question from luis. this comes from jodi. here's her question. what goes through a guy's mind on the first date? what are you thinking right then?

>> i'll tell you the truth. one of the things that i find to be the most attractive thing in the woman and every woman should spend their own time getting to know this is how much they know themselves. if they do, to me it's very sexy, i want to get to know more.

>> not trying to please you.

>> a confidence thing but not an arrogance thing.

>> that's what makes them unique. finding themselves will make them different than anything else.

>> it's the same thing with a man.

>> absolutely.

>> one weird or social situation on a blind date , is be more interested than interesting.

>> is it true that the largest and most important sexual organ a man has is actually his ears?

>> i think these guys are so much better adjusted than me. i feel like a cave man. you know, i love hearing really nice thing about myself. but i have to agree the most attractive thing on a date is somebody who is relaxed. relaxed with themselves.

>> one thing i find with guys. is guys tend to mess up things by talk too much. women know what they want from you. you are either speeding up, getting what they want from you or vice versa or you are talking to much. be quiet and listen.

>> i have a 10-year-old daughter who has already talked more in her life than i have. girls socialize by communicating. we socialize by banging things with a hammer until we're about 16.

>> or just being in the room. guys, all we need to do is be in the room together. my brother, i love him to death. we're like, hey, nice play. not a will the of talking going on.

>> sarah , we have another one from you.

>> samantha from california.

>> what is the nicest way to break up with a guy?

>> i think the best way to break up with a guy is to give it to him straight. period.

>> but don't hurt him. and don't say it's not you. it's me.

>> wouldn't you rather hear a nicer let down?

>> men actually take that as a lot more. never show him any affection again.

>> you have to go and leave him.

>> but should you say i'm busy lately?

>> no!

>> say i don't like your personality?

>> say i'm busy lately with someone else . no, no. the kindest way is dear, baby, welcome to dumbsville, population you.

>> seriously.

>> we need that before. clearly. thanks guys.