TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Hoda: I jolt the bed to stop a snorer

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a new study about how one-third of Americans are sleep deprived. KLG says she’s never slept a full night in the past 24 years and Hoda explains her secret to stopping a snorer.

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>>> "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hello, everybody.

>> oh, yeah.

>> it's friday, june 21st . wow. summer is just --

>> it just started.

>> it feels like it's just too fast. i love summer.

>> you want it to go slow. all right. so we have a fun show today. harry conick jr. is starting off our summer. he's performing for us later. that's always fun.

>> he's got a new album out called "every man should know".

>> i like him so much. there's something about him. he's authentic and real.

>> he's a very talented guy.

>> he's been married a long time wl a bunch of kids. he should know by now.

>> so here's a question we have for you and i think we might know the answer. do you get enough sleep?

>> last night between frank -- i think it was frank. it looked like frank. had a little sniffle thing.

>> is that what it was?

>> that was it. not quite that bad. but at 4:00 in the morning, that's what it feels like. usually bambino is like the best little dog. i think there's something wrong with that gland that dogs have. there they are. there are the culls. i had about three hours last night.

>> what do you do? do you flip them?

>> i'm so nice in the beginning. i'm gentle. just to see if he'll turn over on his own. even though i know he's not going to. then i'm just a little more aggressive. what? what? poor guy.

>> but you're oblivious. it's a bad feeling. i found when you bounce your side of the bed, and then it just jolts him a little .

>> who are you talking about?

>> i was just describing what happened when there's someone next to you snoring and you don't want to wake him up.

>> i'm sure you were talking about when you were in that bad marriage. that's what you were talking about. that's the only time you've ever been in bed with anybody else. just say so.

>> so you're supposed to get seven or eight hours of sleep a night to function. we did a polls and 72% of people said they sleep between five and seven hours a night. i don't know how -- i know that 24 years ago out on a fun ship cruise somewhere off the coast of italy frank and i made cody, and all the sudden, hey, i'm looking at you miss bobby thomas, back from her honeymoon. even though she said it was jamaica. so i got pregnant. and it messes with your hormones so much. and i've literally not slept one night through in 24 hours .

>> unbelievable.

>> maybe i did when i had my feet operated on and i was on drugs. but honestly, i haven't. and i seem to function okay.

>> you do?

>> maybe you get used to it. but i couldn't function on the sleep you get. if i haven't eaten like all day, by the end of the day , everything is a hair trigger. no matter what somebody says to me, i get really irritated. and if i don't sleep.

>> well, those are pretty big.

>> so 23% of the people, only 23% say they get between 7% and 5%.

>> i was reading my devotion the other day that said it's not really how you act in life. it's how you react. and it's like. you can be so nice to people and stop and give a homeless person money or buy them a cup of coffee. but somebody steps in line in front of you and all of the sudden you find out what you're really like. that really hit me hard. it was like, oh my gosh. i have work to do on myself.

>> so we want you to take this quiz. i get a terrible angry feeling when somebody cuts me off or cuts in front of me. i want to eyeball the driver.

>> i know, but i get the look of, i want to know what you look like next to me.

>> i think it really is -- this is the way i explain it to myself so i don't want to commit harry kerry . don't want people to get ahead of them. and they don't want somebody to get the blame for something that they're not responsible for. so when somebody does something that's just so wrong, the innate sense is wait a minute, i want justice to be done. if you wait for justice in this world you're going to have a long wait.

>> whether it's taking a parking space or anything.

>> anything that's just not right. innately and immorally it's not right.

>> my parents used to take that stand in parking spaces to save them. if they saw a spot over there, they're like, get out of the car.

>> run over three egyptian children, they will.

>> we stood in the space and waited until they made the loop like three losers standing in a space. they made us do that.

>> would people scream at you?

>> no, they wouldn't. we just stood there and wait until our parents made the loop.

>> sometimes those loops are big.

>> so here's the quick on sleep. this is how you know if you're lacking sleep. number one, do you sleep through the alarm clock or press snooz a lot?

>> i don't have an alarm clock .

>> you wake up?

>> i hit snooze and i'm always scared when i do it.

>> do you need caffeine to wake up in the morning?

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> do you experience a mid afternoon slump?

>> no, because i take a nap.

>> do you turn down social engagements because you're tired at night?

>> yes. i do.

>> i turn them down because i really don't like people anymore. and there's nobody i want to spend time with. honestly. very few people. if regis calls all right, otherwise, i don't think so. stop it, kathie. you've got to learn to stop it.

>> all right. do you fall asleep within five minutes after lying in bed? which is a bad sign?

>> no. i fall asleep within three.

>> all right. so anyway if you answer yes to those things, you're tired.

>> i already told you that i was sleep deprived . i know it.

>> now this is going to make us cr cr cranky.

>> this was unjust. it was not our mistake. we love her. anyway, we're talking about the summer solstice . on wednesday in our news segment we asked when does the summer solstice occurred. and the guest said, it was when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. which is correct. then she added it's also when the planet is closest to the sun. that's not correct. that's the winter. it's actually when the northern hemisphere tilts most directly toward the sun. the planet is actually closest to the sun in january. does that also remain true if you're in australia?

>> i don't know. i don't know.

>> northern hemisphere .

>> stop it, kathie! you know what it's time for? bobbie's buzz. and you have never looked more beautiful.

>> how was the honeymoon, by the way?

>> it was awesome. we got to celebrate. the couple that introduced us, jamie and howie, we got to go to their wedding the very next weekend. they got ready at round hill in jamaica. so pretty. we stayed a few extra days. it's gorgeous.

>> so what does michael say to you now when he sees you in the morning?

>> he always wakes up and goes i love you. it's like a little thing we have.

>> aw, he's so sweet.

>> we got one out of two ended up making it. i feel really confident that you guys are going to make it.

>> we are going to make it. i've waited this long. so we're going to make it. so the wedding had friends and family on my mind, and something i think you will approve of, i hope, you can use websites and apps to send cards to people. but they will actually get the physical card, kathie. clever bug and you can actually customize cards like this, because your birthdays are coming up in august. on your birthday drink responsibly, and then look at how cute this one is.

>> that one i would like to see. and then omg. and then i have to show you guys because i loved all the cards that they made. happy birthday . hoda, i didn't forget you. happy birthday .

>> these are adorable. and then this one. isn't this so cute? smu smile, you're on camera. and so what's really great about the cards is you can plan ahead for all the birthdays and anniversaries you don't want to forget.

>> how do you get them online?

>> you can make it on the website and set them up in time for the anniversaries and they mail it for you. and you can sign your own signature.

>> that's great.

>> this is a camera that i could have worn on my wedding day. they have white ones. it's for preorder now. it's all day long so you can capture all the moments. and this is a really cool idea. nicely noted for 18 will send you stationary so you can be reminded to keep in touch with people.

>> no need to be rude and not send a thank you.

>> we love you.

>> congrats, congrats. so happy for you, honey.

>> let's go over to sarah. we have babies to talk about.

>> hi, gis. first up is a little lady with a lot of hair. adalyn joan johnson. she weighs 6 pounds, 11 poundses and was born in massachusetts on may 14th . mom jen's best advice to offer parents expecting, sleep while you can. next up is ethan starr. he was born on april 17th in the bronx, new york. his mom says there's no greater gift in life than being granted a parent. our next baby is gia christina. she was born in michigan on april 20th . they say every day since gia was born has been a new adventure. and a little man who looks like he smiles in his sleep. william lawrence chalfant. his parents kevin and kristen said they believe he's the cutest baby in the whole world.

>> of course they do.

>> big congratulations to all the babies. if you want a chance for your baby to