TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Creative sites let you send snail mail online

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows Kathie Lee and Hoda cards and letters you can create online through and The websites will send them through regular mail on dates you specify.

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you know what it's time for? bobbie's buzz. and you have never looked more beautiful.

>> how was the honeymoon, by the way?

>> it was awesome. we got to celebrate. the couple that introduced us, jamie and howie, we got to go to their wedding the very next weekend. they got ready at round hill in jamaica. so pretty. we stayed a few extra days. it's gorgeous.

>> so what does michael say to you now when he sees you in the morning?

>> he always wakes up and goes i love you. it's like a little thing we have.

>> aw, he's so sweet.

>> we got one out of two ended up making it. i feel really confident that you guys are going to make it.

>> we are going to make it. i've waited this long. so we're going to make it. so the wedding had friends and family on my mind, and something i think you will approve of, i hope, you can use websites and apps to send cards to people. but they will actually get the physical card, kathie. clever bug and you can actually customize cards like this, because your birthdays are coming up in august. on your birthday drink responsibly, and then look at how cute this one is.

>> that one i would like to see. and then omg. and then i have to show you guys because i loved all the cards that they made. happy birthday . hoda, i didn't forget you. happy birthday .

>> these are adorable. and then this one. isn't this so cute? smu smile, you're on camera. and so what's really great about the cards is you can plan ahead for all the birthdays and anniversaries you don't want to forget.

>> how do you get them online?

>> you can make it on the website and set them up in time for the anniversaries and they mail it for you. and you can sign your own signature.

>> that's great.

>> this is a camera that i could have worn on my wedding day. they have white ones. it's for preorder now. it's all day long so you can capture all the moments. and this is a really cool idea. nicely noted for 18 will send you stationary so you can be reminded to keep in touch with people.

>> no need to be rude and not send a thank you.

>> we love you.

>> congrats, congrats. so happy for you, honey.