TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Grant Bowler shows off a ‘Tim Tam Slam’

The star of the popular SyFy network show “Defiance” tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that he thinks the success of the show comes from a rich storyline that helps makes the show accessible and current to the audience. He also shows the ladies how to eat the popular Australian treat “Tim Tams.”

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>>> actor grant bowler has taken america by storm. from his role in "ugly betty" to his current role. he's here o tell us all about that and share a special talent from down under that involves his lips. let's take a look at grant on a his work on a show that was recently renewed.

>> they're counting on you to get a motion. . he's going to kick open the doors and a year from now you won't even recognize this place! and it certainly will not be one you want to live in. i care about this town. i'm not going to be the thing that killed it.

>> ooh, we like your action better. we like your real action.

>> talk to me.

>> yeah.

>> when i talk like this.

>> you're an actor. we get that. but we like the authentic you.

>> there is no authentic me.

>> come on me!

>> you peel me back. i'm like an onion. honey mainly.

>> congrats, though. we are excited. it's the highest rated scripted show.

>> very fancy. on sci-f irk.

>> we hit a home run, which is good.

>> did you have a plan "b" just in case?

>> i was going to become the cultural ambassador of australia.

>> do you go back in work in august?

>> yeah.

>> what are you doing in the interim?

>> i knocked over a few little movies, which is good? one in particular is swelter, which i did with the wonderful alfred mena.

>> and he's one of the sweetest men. he's funny. he's delicious.

>> he's a big fella, which i like. i like a big man.

>> of course, you do.

>> okay. and alfred linney james is just a gent. and wonderful actress. and jean claude van dam .

>> you were mixing it up. now for about the show that is now in the second season. can you join in the second season and understand it?

>> absolutely. right now we're probably in the last quarter of the season. and we're headed towards the cliff hanger .

>> big reveal.

>> so yeah, you can grab it at any time. it's true sci-fi in the sense that there's an incredibly rich back story in mythology. that's what science fiction fans demand. but what we try to do with the show is also make it incredibly immediate and successful and current.

>> you know what is immediate and successful and current?

>> what?

>> pin camp.

>> as the new cultural ambassador for australia, i want to teach you something that's going to carry you through the last of your life. this is the tin explosion. so we're going to take a tin tin .

>> where do they sell these?

>> you can get these in select stores around the united states . there are some things we export that we don't like. but this is one of the things that we very reluctantly send around the world. you got to buy the corner, here.

>> simple.

>> corner.

>> okay.

>> and then the other corner. opposite. this will change your life. and you can do this with tea or coffee. what we're going to do is when we put it in, we're going to suck the coffee or tea out until it just reaches the top here. one, two, three, go.

>> oh my god.

>> wow. that is going to change your life. no kidding.

>> you're beautiful.

>> i love you.

>> what? what's your problem.

>> you can catch "defiance" on our sister network of sci-fy.