TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Stella McCartney: ‘I design for women’

Stella McCartney, the daughter of music icon Paul McCartney, talks to NBC’s Chelsea Clinton about her fashion empire, saying she “always wanted” to be a designer and made her first garment, a jacket, at age 12.

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>>> 8:38. it can be hard for people that have a famous parent to build their own identities, but stella mccartney , the daughter of sir paul is making a name for herself in the fashion world. she debuted her 2014 collection to rave reviews and chelsea clinton sat down with her for a revealing conversation.

>> reporter: today you can see the name stella mccartney on 25 stores and 600 specialty shops around the world. women love her designs for a reason.

>> i love women and celebrate them and sympathize with them so i design for women. i pride myself on that. you see how her torso looks longer.

>> reporter: this is what stella always wanted to do.

>> i think i always wanted to be here. i was always that kid that wanted to be a fashion designer and now i am one.

>> it looks nice straight though.

>> the first garmet was a jacket when i was 12.

>> a suede jacket and i thought that was cool. it soon became clear she was going to become a designer.

>> reporter: but there was a lot to learn. when stella was in college, she interned here in london with her father's taylor. he taught her the basic skills like how to measure and cut.

>> it takes three years to learn how to sow the sleeves and it's such a craft and i wanted to learn that. i like the strength of that feeling when i put on a man's jacket. it's a different feeling.

>> you know, that's kind of a little more of a masculine cut.

>> and the shoulders.

>> how do they look? are they good?

>> great.

>> reporter: stella earned her degree in fashion from a college of art and design . her collection was modelled by her friends including naomi campbell and kate moss and picked up. after two collections of her own she was named creative director of chole in paris. she was only 25 years old. at the time the legendary designer said i they they should have taken a big name. they did, but in music, not fashion.

>> i didn't know the politics of the industry that if some young chick from london who was paul mccartney 's daughter took a job in paris that maybe it would be like noticed. i just had no idea. i was so naive.

>> i have been aware my entire life of the benefits and challenges of having parents in the public eye. and of having a notable last name.

>> it's crazy. i love getting interviewed by somebody that actually knows what it's like.

>> should we get a drink after this.

>> yeah.

>> and more maybe a week just talk about it?

>> that's chelsea clinton with stella mccartney . you can see more of their conversation on "rock center with brian williams ".

>>> up next, a concert from one of the hottest names in country music , hunter hayes , but first this is "today" on nbc.