TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Mom: Hearing has opened ‘new world’ for son, 3

Unable to hear since birth, Grayson Clamp became the first child to have a device surgically implanted into the base of his brainstem to help him hear when his parents enrolled him in a clinical trial. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>> update on a touching story we brought you on thursday. the remarkable moment captured on camera when a child that was born deaf hears for the first time. here's nbc's kate snow .

>> reporter: a child's look at wonder as he hears his father's words for the first time in his life.

>> daddy loves you. daddy loves you. daddy loves you.

>> yeah, hear.

>> can you hear daddy?

>> daddy loves you.

>> at just 3 years old, grayson clamp is already a survivor braving open heart surgery as a one month old, a loss of vision in his left eye, unable to hear since birth. his adoptive parent tried everything but then they learned about a ground breaking clinical trial. in april he was the first child to have a device surgically implanted into the base of his brain stem . all told, countless hours of work leading up to this incredible moment in may when the device was activated.

>> when they turned that thing on and it worked. he responded to that sound it was like the weight was lifted off of me.

>> reporter: for grayson and his parents nicole and len it's a victory but also just the first step. now able to hear he must begin the process of interrupting and forming words for himself. his parents look forward to the day he'll be able to speak with them and his best friend, younger brother ethan.

>> it has opened up a whole new world to him. his brain is still having to get used to this new stimulus.

>> while there's a lot for grayson to learn, there's one thing he already knows for certain.

>> daddy loves you.

>> reporter: for today, kate snow , nbc news, new york.