TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

‘Voice’ winner talks overcoming stage fright

Danielle Bradbery, 16, became the youngest-ever winner of “The Voice” when she was crowned champion of season four. She talks about her big win and what’s up next in her budding country career.

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>>> well, now to a voice loved by everyone who hears it. danielle bradbery is still riding high this morning following her big win on nbc's "the voice".

>> danielle bradbery. team blake.

>> and 16-year-old danielle is with us now. good morning to you. congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> can you believe you're standing on that stage? we understand that before this competition you basically didn't like to sing in front of anybody; is that right.

>> yeah. i would be singing in my room with -- i would be singing to the wall basically and sometimes -- i remember at thanksgiving i would have to slide under the table because any want anybody looking at me. i was really shy. but i mean, i got the courage to actually go and do something.

>> i know your mom kind of, you know, told you you could do this, but you say you got the courage. you're standing in front of thousands in that room and millions at home. that had to be terrifying for you at times.

>> it was really scary. at first i didn't -- i didn't know what to expect because i mean, i didn't have any experience at all. but i mean, i just went with it not knowing what was going to happen but it just kept going.

>> you just signed with a record label that has taylor swift on it. have you started thinking about what kind of an album you'd like to make?

>> i've been thinking about it. i love country but i would want to be more pop country . but yeah, i love that -- i love all generes but i think pop country .

>> pop country suits you. you've got the fresh look and you won on blake's birthday. the best birthday present he could get.

>> repeat for him by the way.

>> is he a good coach.

>> yeah, he's awesome. i said i'm going to have a big birthday present for you i promise.

>> and he said you promise?

>> i said yes.

>> what year are you in high school ? sophomore about to be a junior.

>> yeah.

>> you haven't had a chance to go back to school yet?

>> no, i've been in online students. it's been easy to carry it around with me.

>> excited to see the other kids in school though.

>> a nice gift for you during the finale. you love hunter hayes who is here today performing and he got up and performed with you and he wanted to say hi. he's right behind you.

>> how are you doing good to see you. i talked to my friends at martin. i know you'll be writing your life away here soon so we wanted to present you with an om. it's my favorite guitar in the world. it's a song writers best friend . it will be a fantastic friend for you.

>> thank you.

>> congratulations on everything really excited for you. that's awesome.

>> remember the whole deal with gum in school, if you didn't bring enough for everyone.

>> i'll be right back.

>> yeah i thought about bringing other stuff but i didn't know how crazy it would get in here.

>> danielle , can you stick around for his concert.

>> yes.

>> chill out.

>> all right. danielle and hunter we'll see you in a few minutes.