TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Anchors test out Instagram’s new video capability

Matt, Savannah, Tamron and Al share the funny videos they created with Instagram’s new video functionality.

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>>> facebook in a lot of other places online, the hot new feature, instagram has 130 million monthly users. it was bought by facebook recently. a deal valued at about $1 billion. now it's moving beyond fphotos. it lets you take videos and send them out instantly. it can only be 15 seconds long. i took my phone to the plaza early this morning.

>>> 6:00 in the morning, i'm on the plaza with young ladies who are hunter hayes fans getting ready for the concert at 8:30, question for you, who is cuter? me or hunter hayes ?

>> i ran out of time. they screamed my name.

>> they did.

>> hunter.

>> see, not everybody can actually have somebody tape their --

>> wow.

>> selfie.

>> i decided to be brave and let everybody see what it's like to get your hair done by our hair and make up team in the morning.

>>> okay. so that was a really quick shot. no make up. takes hours of construction, as you know.

>> well, i actually shot mine even before i did my hair and make up at home. here's a glimpse of my frantic morning.

>> good morning, this is how i start my morning. i do my make up at home. that's my hair but my real obsession samples. these are all the samples i have gotten from cosmetic stores online, i am a sample hoarder and this is my seat.

>> that was like a confessional.

>> how many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning.

>> it's all natural baby.

>> not with all that make up.

>> so i try to do something a little more cinematic. it was going to be from the time i started shaving to when i got in here and when i went to send it it locked up.

>> you only get 15 seconds.

>> i know. i did it in chunks. this is what i ended up sending out.

>> i had a fantastic video. i shaved, i walked the dog, i came in and got make up and went over to wake up with al and made my way to the studio. i posted it and then it froze. not good.

>> oh.

>> how many cups did you have of coffee.

>> i don't drink coffee.

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