TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Legal analyst: All female Zimmerman jury ‘is unusual’

The six women selected as jurors in George Zimmerman’s second degree murder trial will spend the weekend with their families before being sequestered by the court for a trial that could last a month or longer. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports and NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom offers her thoughts on the trial.

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>> at the murder trial of george zimmerman . opening statements scheduled to begin on monday now that an all female jury is chosen to decide his fate. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning savannah. this six member jury is all women. the prosecutor says five of those women are white and the prosecutor says the other juror is either hispanic or black. now the jurors names are concealed because this is an anonymous jury but they have revealed something about themselves already in court.

>> and is this jury panel accessible to you, sir.

>> yes, your honor.

>> reporter: george zimmerman 's fate will rest in the hand of six jurors. he admits as he told police after the shooting that he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin but zimmerman entered a not guilty plea arguing self-defense saying martin attacked him before zimmerman fired the fatal shot. during the jury selection the jurors said details about themselves. b-76 lived in central florida since 1975 . a mother of two adult children. her passion is rescuing animals. jury b-37 also has two adult children. has been called four other times to sit on other jurors. never chosen until now. juror b-51 moved here nine years ago from atlanta. never been married. she is the only juror who is not a mother. juror e-6 is a married mother of two with an 11 and 13-year-old and active member of her church. juror e-40 is a mother of an adult child. she moved to central florida 7 months ago. and juror b-29, a mother of 8, she moved her recently from chicago. unlike the other women jurors who are white, juror b-29 is either hispanic or black. trayvon martin's family says they have faith in a fair justice system .

>> the concept of equal justice under the law isn't a black value, it's not a white value, it's an american value .

>>> defense attorney mark o mara.

>> one thing i'm certain about with juries is i'll never be able to tell what they are thinking.

>> opening statements are scheduled for monday morning. that's when jurors will report back here to the courthouse and they won't be going home. they'll be sequestered until there's a verdict or the judge declares a mistrial. that could be longer than a month.

>>> all right. thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we see there's an all female jury selected. that's not something we see every day in courtrooms.

>> obviously a highly intelligent juror , right? it is unusual. we also have a female judge in this case. a lot of social media activity about this topic but when you look at the research, women and men try cases the same way. women have more sympathy for victims. but the question is who is the victim.

>> let's talk about the racial make up of the jury. five of the six jurors are white. will that make a difference? do you think there's a racial element to this case?

>> in a case that's become a racial flashpoint for some people i'd like to see more minority representation. both side as kuzccused of striking for racial reasons.

>> there would be nice to have more diversity in the jury so the community will accept whatever verdict is reached here?

>> i think so but given this trial is televised people can watch for themselves and make their own determination.

>> we'll get a key ruling on a piece of evidence. prosecutors are trying to get in expert testimony about a 911 call in which screams can be heard. they want to have voice recognition experts say that voice belongs to trayvon martin. how important is this.

>> it could be the most important evidence. one of these two men is screaming in the final moment before the shots ring out. if that's trayvon martin begging for his life it completely undercuts george zimmerman 's story that he was being threatened and had to shoot to save his life. zimmerman says it was him screaming for help.

>>> whether or not this scientific testimony comes in the call gets played.

>> and we may have trayvon martin's mother saying that's trayvon's voice on that tape.

>> interesting trial to watch. thank you so much. now outside for a check of the weather with al.

>> thank you savannah. i have