TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Kim, Kanye reportedly name baby girl North

Sources are reporting the two Hollywood superstars settled on a directional moniker for their newborn daughter: North West. The TODAY anchors chat about the unique name choice.

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>> did you not leave something out of the news that's quite important.

>> big story .

>> big, it's huge.

>> the biggest.

>> what did i miss --

>> kim and kanye 's baby now is now reveal.

>> oh, i was waiting for it.

>> the baby's name is north.

>> northwest is the full name .

>> the child's name is north west .

>> the middle name is binorth.

>> they could have kept the k thing going. the k being silent of course.

>> that would have made more sense.

>> didn't kim go on the tonight show recently and say that it was absolutely would --

>> we have that? we have the tape of it.

>> there was a rumor, now this is one of --

>> there's so many rumors.

>> one was that kanye wanted to name the baby north so he would be north west .

>> that's not true. that's not one of the names on our list.

>> well, maybe she didn't check with kanye about that.

>> or maybe it's not true. maybe it isn't north.

>> he told the audience she was pregnant before she was able to tell. so maybe he had the name picked out before he told her.

>> we will see.

>> oh wait you didn't tell