TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

Police have video of Patriots star with slain man

No arrests have been made in the murder case of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd, but the relationship between the victim and Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is becoming clearer as police reportedly have security camera video of the two men the night before Lloyd’s body was found. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> emerging in the homicide investigation involving nfl star aaron hernandez . nbc's stephanie is in north attelboro, massachusetts, what's the latest?

>> investigators are looking closely at the relationship between hernandez and the 27-year-old victim odin lloyd . there's multiple local reports that police have surveillance of the two men from over the weekend. investigators are again searching for evidence at the crime scene where 27-year-old odin lloyd 's body was discovered.

>> we learned that odin lloyd was shot multiple times and that he apparently died where he was found.

>> reporter: this time, police swept the industrial park with metal detectors , less than a mile from aaron hernandez 's home.

>> are you being arrested?

>> reporter: the patriot's star tight end has been unable to escape the grilling attention, an online rumor that he was about to be arrested which later proved to be wrong sparked a media chase. most of the players movements during the day were caught on camera. an hour long visit to the patriot's stadium in foxboro. a stop at a gas station where he refused to talk to reporters.

>> why won't you tell us what happened?

>> reporter: and finally a visit to a boston building where his law firm was located. parents of the victim are anxious. they believe there's a witness that has not come forward.

>> i need whoever it is to say something. he knows who it is. he knows who he was with and he needs to speak up.

>> reporter: hernandez did meet with his lawyers in downtown boston . they said his car is actually still at the building but he is no longer there and there has been no activity at his home overnight, savannah.