TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Howard Stern sidekick talks sex in new book

Lisa Glasberg, Howard Stern’s radio sidekick, is portrayed as a straight-laced cat lady on the show, but shows off a more risqué side in her new book “Sex, Lies & Cookies.”  She tells about showing up to a guy’s house wearing only a mint coat and “bootycall cheesecake.”

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>>> all righty. howard stern has worked with a lot of people over the years including this woman. take a listen.

>> i told you gentlemen i was a 32c. i have been for years. that has been a struggle for me to find a 32c just until recently.

>> and so when she went into the bra store, the same store you went to, this woman looks at you and she can size you up so that you get the proper fitting bra.

>> so what happened?

>> she looks at lisa g . and says --

>> lisa , you are a 30d.

>> d?

>> and if not a 30dd.

>> that is lisa g who first made a name for herself in the '90s as part of the first morning urban radio show. she won a gracie award and was named billboard's on-air personality of the year.

>> lisa has another talent, baking and it seems her cookies have helped her sex life as well. she writes ball it in "sex, lies and cookies." that's going to be my next title.

>> you can take the title "cookie ho" if you like.

>> hoda.

>> tell us about the title and how it applies to your life.

>> i used to bake for guys for all the wrong reasons. i'd have sex with them. don't judge. rush home, bake them cookies instead of thinking, wait a second, do i like them. are they cookie worthy? they're worthy of my time.

>> but you already had sex with them?

>> yeah.

>> where did that lack of self-esteem emanate from?

>> really, i had zero self-esteem. i say i had the self-esteem of raw cookie dough . i just didn't believe in myself. i was always running , running, running on the treadmill of getting more work. doing more work. being more popular. similar to, you know, a stand-up mixer and just seeing it whirl around.

>> somehow you'd be loved if only --

>> yeah, so it takes a lot of work to stop and say, wait a second. i need to love myself first and bake for people to show appreciation.

>> let's talk about some of the things you've baked. you have something called the booty call cheesecake square.

>> yes.

>> did that help you land a man?

>> oh, my gosh. i brought them here for the crew today. you'll have a guy in the palm of your hands.

>> really?

>> now it's up to you what you want to do with them, right?

>> we want to be in control of that anyway.

>> is that that one?

>> yes. so it's basically a chocolate chip cookie with cheesecake. and it's so delicious and easy to make. and the subtitle is a booty call cheesecake square. after a night of sex you can come home and dump everything in a bowl. very easy to make. and then --

>> you want this again but not him.

>> well, see, now it's about empowerment, so --

>> what the chocolate snowball.

>> i lived in chicago and i did radio there. and it is freezing. so i decided that i needed to get a boyfriend by december 1st or else, you know, no one ever goes out. so i came up with chocolate snowball cookies.

>> and who is the guy you dressed and put your fur coat on and nothing else and showed aupt the door. it didn't work out so well.

>> for a little time it did. he loved my cookies more than me. what can i say? the fur coat can only go so far and the naked body. you need to have a lot of stuff underneath.

>> how are you doing now?

>> things are great. i'm in a great place. i work on the howard stern show . he took the cover of the book. amazing. his wife helped style me and put the little cookie in my bra.

>> i'm surprised that's all he put there.