TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Tornado survivor surprised with makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give two moms head-to-toe makeovers, one who is celebrating her 50th birthday and the other who survived the tornados in Oklahoma.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. ready for our plaza ambush makeovers when two ladies from the crowd get stwept swept away.

>> louis licari, la, la, la, la, la. and contributor for people style watch and author jill martin. hello. how was it today outside?

>> oh, great day. plenty of makeovers. the ambush candidates are coming out in droves.

>> they are?

>> let's meet the first one. gale pace is 53 years old from norman, oklahoma. after surviving the devastation in oklahoma, she's here in new york celebrating her daughter's 18th birthday . so we wanted to surprise her with a brand new look. so let's take a listen to her story.

>> we have a very excited bunch here. and, larry , let's start with you. i love that you are so touchy feely with your wife because you're so excited for this.

>> i'm so tickled to have her as my wife. this is so much fun.

>> so what do you think about seeing her with a whole new look after 20 years.

>> i think it will be interesting. we like new things. but i want to keep the same wife, okay?

>> check out this hand right here. this hand has not stopped moving. back to the pg part of this. happy birthday . what do you think about this for mom?

>> a little scary.

>> don't be scared. we're going to take care of her.

>> you ready? all right. enough. enough.

>> i'm ready.

>> okay. gale is ready. there's her group there. her husband larry and we promise her daughter is 18, that's megan in the front and megan 's friend megan . guys, please keep on your blindfolds. this is gale before. all right, gale, here's the new you.

>> oh, my god. wow! oh, are you guys ready? take off the blindfold.

>> wow!

>> are you ready?

>> you look beautiful , darling.

>> turn around. you look awesome.

>> i don't even know who that is.

>> that's an uber model.

>> beautiful .

>> look at camera 12. louis , tell us about the hair.

>> gale, of course, had beautiful hair but it was so dark, almost creating shadows around her face with the length and depth of it. so we gave her this great haircut. yeah, she's working it. it's sold. she loves it. i lightened it just to soften up her face. you look beautiful .

>> larry -- security.

>> what do you think?

>> she 's wonderful . looks great.

>> what do you all think?

>> i like it.

>> jill, that dress is perfect.

>> she didn't have a little black dress but we had to give her a little lace as well which she promises to have matching lingerie, too, which she told me. this is from maggie london. it doesn't come out so much but it's just a little bit so you can get into it that way.

>> big round of applause for gale. you can join your family.

>> second lady is deanna . she is 50 years old today. happy birthday to her. she's from columbia, south carolina . she's never worn makeup before. we decided to give her a glam new look to celebrate her birthday. let's hear her story.

>> amazing we noticed them in the crowd, huh? i love all of this because it's your 50th birthday. so we're so glad we can give this to you. ariel , why do you want this for mom?

>> i've never seen her like really do anything and i've always wanted to. something different.

>> something a little glam?

>> yeah.

>> and what do you think of this, frank?

>> i think this is great. it's a great birthday.

>> okay. nice hubby. so we're going to really groove you up. what do you think?

>> great. excited.

>> that's a family that knows how to have fun. okay. she is here with her husband frank, daughter ariel and sons jordan and justin. let's take one last look at her before and then -- bring out the new deanna !

>> wow. wow, wow, wow. hey.

>> all right, you guys. take your blindfolds off.

>> i think that's good, deanna . you want to decide for yourself. turn right around and look in the mirror.

>> oh, my goodness. that's different.

>> yes, it is. it's beautiful .

>> you look -- look right here at camera 12.

>> very sexy.

>> yes it is.

>> love it. louis it looks adorable. i miss the hat, though.

>> the hat did add a lot. what we did here, i made her hair a little deeper. i got the clue from her daughter. look how beautiful the hair color is. mother, daughter, obvious way to go. we gave her this layered hair cut. easy to take care of. wash and wear. you'll love it as you wear it. and then enid put the whole look together with very minimal makeup. the lashes work, by the way. if you want to add instant glamour, lashes are the way to do it.

>> hot dress. 50th birthday, red.

>> lauren by ralph lauren and a little wrap dress .

>> look at the hubby back there.

>> ariel is the one who said you've never seen your mom --

>> i don't really know what to say.

>> she's beautiful , though, isn't she?

>> yeah.

>> you look awesome.

>> great job, everyone.

>> let's bring out our other lovely lady.