TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Hoda: Why did Rihanna ‘clock’ fan with mic?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about the news of the day, remembering actor James Gandolfini as a hysterically funny man, and taking a look at video from a concert overseas where singer Rihanna hits a fan in the head who was trying to grab her.

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>> hello, everybody. know what it is today? it's thirsty thursday, june 20th . we're happy, happy you're with us.

>> what surprising and just sad news yesterday to hear about -- i know you've heard about james gandolfini now. 51 years old. star of "the sopranos."

>> and so many other things.

>> and died so suddenly. he was in italy with his son.

>> it's one thing if we know that somebody has been sick for quite a while. you gurge yourself for -- say a prayer for somebody and hope they'll make it through. this, i guess, who knew of any health problems he had. any concerns. so -- and it was -- i guess i'm one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rome, with his son and his sister. i guess he was there for some sort of film festival but was on vacation as well.

>> i think what's interesting, too is he played one of those characters who was an awful character if you looked at him on his face, he murdered people, cheated on his wife.

>> i know. he has issues.

>> and you loved him. he had this way that --

>> great acting.

>> watch this clip.

>> next to you. those nights when you were actually in the bed. and you would ring the doorbell. i felt like my heart would come out of my chest. you would smile and we'd talk. and then you would come down the stairs. and i felt probably like someone who was terminally ill and somehow they managed to forget it for a minute. and then it all comes back.

>> he talked to you. oh, poor you.

>> he made me feel like i mattered!

>> oh, my god. that was an interesting clip to show. because you think that edie falco is doing all the acting there but you see his face.

>> and edie just released this statement. my heart goes out to his family as those of us in his pretension hold on to the memories of our intense and beautiful time together. the love between tony and carmela was one of the greatest i've ever known.

>> beautiful. i don't remember meeting him. i think i would have remembered meeting him. we went to see "the god of carnage ." and it was four people and jeff daniels . i can't remember who else. it was a brilliant ensemble cast and --

>> uh-huh.

>> and i was so surprised to see him so funny.

>> he was hysterically funny in that as well wasn't he?

>> his timing was perfect. that seems to be what he had. and he was always so understated. people said when they interviewed him, he came off as shy. he has such a big personality on screen.

>> i hope his last meal together with his family like that was just wonderful. wouldn't you like to know that that -- that he was in a joyful place?

>> he is survived by his wife who was not with him at the time. his wife of almost five years and his teenaged son. and he has an 8-month-old baby daughter.

>> a daughter.

>> so here's an interesting piece of videotape, okay. so rihanna was at a --

>> i was young. i needed the money. just kidding.

>> rihanna was -- rihanna was at a concert in the uk, all right? she was in the crowd and the throngs and all that stuff. fans were grabbing at her. this is what she did. let's watch this little piece of tape.

>> she clocked somebody.

>> it's kind of hard to tell. okay. somebody is pulling her there. pulling her hand.

>> and won't get off.

>> bang.

>> she's trying to get freed. now why isn't the security guard -- that's his job.

>> it is his job. is something going on here?

>> something is moving.

>> we'll start again. it's thirsty thursday. and now we're getting it in order. yes, so she's -- i guess it must be one of those things if you perform and you perform in crowds before. you go out in a crowd and interact and people are going to tug and pull.

>> i've done all of my shows in a crowd. some don't do it because it's t can be a scary place. i never thought it b it for once in my life when i was performing like that. i'm trying to think if anybody -- no, i never had an incident. i almost died once, but it was in some city arizona because regis and i were doing our show there. sun city is a retirement area. and our fans loved us. and really loved us and they were in walkers with -- and chairs and canes and -- this was as terrified as i've been because i couldn't get these people enough and when they hug you, they get you with a clinch and they won't let go. and regis and i laughed about that. who would have ever thought our lives would have been in danger from our fans in sun city . but people, you know if they've spent a lot -- if they love you and you pray you're going to have fans like that, they are so excited. sometimes they don't know their own strength.

>> they are hanging on.

>> she looked like she was being held and couldn't get away.

>> but i don't know about the clocking with the microphone. i don't know if that's the option.

>> i think the person she should have been most upset about her was the man who wasn't doing his job. he's the one who should have --

>> been watching and paying attention.

>> we have a special guest later on. donald sutherland .

>> he's such a great actor.

>> he is terrific. he was recently a lot of young people know him from "the unger games."

>> don't you love new generations. they think they discovered somebody?

>> a lot of times when you are watching commercials you hear voices. there are --

>> and if you know you know it but you can't put the person with it. donald sutherland has done a lot of these commercials. anyway, let's take a listen to his.

>> how sure are we that our juice, simply orange , has no added sugar, water or preservatives? tastes as fresh as biting into a juicy orange. if you don't agree that it does, we'll give you a package of our competition.

>> i want an orange.

>> not to be aconfused with anita bryant .

>> it makes you want it. it made me want it.

>> i knew it was donald. i didn't put him with it until he said a certain word and then -- a certain inflection. the way people --

>> let's play a game. sometimes you hear commercials and you go, who is that? here's a nationwide commercial.

>> in the nation, we don't do things halfway.

>> julia roberts . julia roberts .

>> you're right.

>> did you guys hear me say it?

>> i was waiting for a man's voice so i wasn't paying attention.

>> next, american airlines .

>> there's a change in the air.

>> can't hear, you guys.

>> things feel different. new. better. and tomorrow they'll be better still. inspired by our past, a dream that a future will be coming a new american.

>> you didn't know anyway. you didn't know.

>> i didn't, but i was waiting for the inflection that was --

>> john hamm . you wouldn't have known. but i don't watch "mad men." i don't know his voice very well.

>> okay. hyundai.

>> what do you want to pass on to your kids? good taste in music? check. a sense of adventure? check. how about table manners?

>> who is that?

>> well, we can always wait on that one.

>> i have no idea.

>> the 2013 santa fe from hyundai.

>> who is it? who are you?

>> jeff bridges .

>> and i loved him but it doesn't sound like that to me. last commercial is yoplait .

>> can we please have a morgan freeman so i'll know?

>> yoplait blackberry is so good i think i have a new favorite. but pina colada is jealous and key lime pie is just out of it. yoplait it is so good.

>> i don't know. i'm 0 for 4.

>> lisa kudrow .

>> you know, i almost said her because i know she does -- but it doesn't sound like her so i didn't say it. honestly. hoda, i don't lie about stuff like that. don't make an idiot of yourself kathie, but i heard she did some commercials. don't give me that. i will tell you if it's not the truths. it's the truth. i know it's wrong, thank you very much.

>> so, anyway, we have these are oreos. a new kind of oreo.

>> you put me in a very bad mood --

>> from being silent?

>> no, just to insinuate that i wasn't telling the truth.

>> i just sat here. and you insinuated whatever you thought.

>> but your face going --

>> no, i wasn't. i was doing that.

>> all right. i'm so glad that in my mind i was right even though i didn't say it. you won is what i'm saying.

>> i only got 1 out of 4. that's nothing to be proud of.

>> one more than i got, baby.

>> luke bryant --

>> morgan freeman ?

>> yeah, or james earl jones .

>> sam elliott .

>> too obvious.

>> he does those dodge ram -- i love his voice.

>> yeah, he's a good one. so you guys, we had exclusive rights today to a new video.

>> all right. luke bryant has a brand new video out. it's called "crash my party." the only place you can see it is here.

>> well, in its --

>> right now we're going to show you a clip. this is the only time. the first time you'll see it now. it's off his new single. if you want to call me call me you don't have to worry about it baby you can wake me up in the dead of the night break my plans baby, that's all right swing on by i'll pour you a drink the door's unlocked i'll leave on the lights baby you can crash my party any time

>> all right. cute. he's cute. now if you want to see it in its entirety go to i just ate one of those oreos.

>> you got what you deserved.

>> they have watermelon inside. it's a new kind of oreo. it's released for the summer.

>> and apparently you're crazy about it.

>> it's called karma.

>> you know what's funny? i love anything sweet and i don't want to disparage, i like oreos.

>> they're only here for the summer.

>> good. so you'll like this one. okay. there's a --

>> you know me so little.

>> there's this song that's out. it's called "remix." and it's by new kids on the block . let's listen. baby i like the new you oh, i like the remix baby oh, i like the remix baby oh,

>> that's the chorus.

>> i can tell a chorus. i like the remix baby

>> here comes the good part.

>> okay.

>> wait.

>> i like that. i know he likes the remix. i like the way you do it do what you doin

>> it will never be rogers and hammerstein to me, i'm sorry, but they're good.

>>> is it okay or not okay? is it okay or not okay to make assistants do menial tasks?

>> okay. let's listen.

>> i don't think you should ask anyone to do anything you're not willing to do yourself unless at that particular moment it's not possible to do it. and in that case, thank god for assistants.

>> i hear you.

>> no, it's not okay. hold your own umbrella, carry your own bag. don't be lazy.

>> wow, hoda.

>> how about that?

>> a little judgmental.

>> so apparently you could hear that at home because 20 people just told us that but we didn't. we couldn't hear it at all here but i bet it was awesome. okay.