TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

How to land the perfect job

It’s graduation season, which means it’s also interview season for many young professionals. Business experts Kathryn Minshew, founder and CEO of The Muse, and Eric Schurenberg of Inc. magazine share their advice for finding and landing the best job for you.

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>>> to those looking for a better job. once you get interview, how do you seal the deal? first rule of a job interview is don't come in from a water fightize just did from a pool party a safe way to start. let's start with you, kath rip. you have got some good rules. you say it's okay to practice before you go in.

>> absolutely.

>> how do you do that?

>> if you have a friend you can sit down with or very brave, video cameraing, videotaping yourself to answer a couple of common interview questions and it's amazing, you watch yourself or ask a close friend for feedback the sort of things they will notice. do you seem genuine? do you seem enthusiastic? are you comfortable answering the questions? do you have some nervous tic you haven't been aware of? it is incredibly helpful to practice ahead of time.

>> one wore a things you like to practice? a question you know you'll get?

>> do you research. find out about the company, the history, the goals and take inventory on yourself. come up with two to four skills that you have that make you better for this job than anyone else and that is important then, three to five examples how you put the skills into practice you can answer the question inevitably ask you give me an example.

>> a question from twitter. one viewer asks what are some of the things interviews look for in an interviewee, ie, personal, style appearance?

>> the first impression is important you walk in the door, make eye contact , with the receptionist, person you are interviewing, they are forming impression bus, important to have a clear gaze, eye contact to appear confident and also to remember that every single interaction you have is important. we recently had someone interview at the muse incredibly impressive to me but very dismiss sive to one of our employees, i would never hire someone like that. it is important about being nice to everyone.

>> another part of that impression is the handshake. let's nail this down, tell me about the perfect handshake.

>> the perfect handshake. stand.

>> of course.

>> all right. vertical. all right. eye contact . three, four seconds.

>> okay.

>> hi.

>> hello.

>> thanks for having me on the show, willie.

>> can you be too aggressive? some people go in like that?

>> you can be too address circumstance the worst thing is to be too limp. i had a guy hold up what seemed like a dog paw yesterday. that's the only thing i remember about that guy's interview.

>> queen elizabeth presents herself.

>> unless you are queen elizabeth . can't get away it.

>> i love this idea you want the interview to fall in love with you. what does that mean exactly?

>> it means a lot of things but it means, first of all, that you start by building rapport with the interviewer. the first few minutes of every interview will be trying to find something in common, someone you know, a sports team you both support, arts you appreciate together. building that human contact is really important because a lot of people have the skills but building the human chemistry goes a long way.

>> let's go outside of the plaza. we have another question. jessica is visiting us from milwaukee h jessica, good morning. what is your question?

>> what should you avoid saying in an interview?

>> you tant want to take that one?

>> that is absolutely a great question a couple of things you should definitely avoid saying in an interview. one is bad mouthing your boss or previous employer. ? an absolute no no. no matter how horrible your previous experience might have been, an interview is not a place to bring it up. come up with a one-line sentence explain yuck left your previous job and absolutely move on. the second thing i would say, going back to the dating analogy, you don't want to come off the interview as if you're generic or bland or don't know enough about their company. companies want to feel like they are special, excited about interviewing for them and done your research ahead of time and passionate about this job and this company. making sure you communicate that can go a long way.

>> i promise next time i will not come in from a water fight or a pool party . guys, thanks for