TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Jason Statham seeks ‘Redemption’ in new film

The actor talks about his new film, “Redemption,” in which he plays a former special forces soldier who is now homeless and living a life of crime until he befriends a nun.

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>>> in the new movie "redemption," hollywood hottie -- just written, i'm saying it jason haightment that, don't want to get in trouble, plays a former special forces soldier who is now homeless and living a life of crime.

>> you can go in and change those scripts she chose to leave that in there. his luck, though, changes when he assumes another man's identity and befriends a nun who tries to help him.

>> there are things i have to do.

>> because of me, yes? i have to think i'm doing good.

>> excuse for a pretty dress.

>> joining us now the aforementioned hollywood hottie, jason statham .

>> you agree with me though?

>> sounds better coming from you. somehow.

>> i won't dispute that

>> take what you can though.

>> i won't dispute that he is an anti-hero i found myself rooting for him although he was doing ugly things while rooting for him?

>> yeah, he's guy suffering from a series of things that happened in the war and he is coming back, trying to integrate himself into society but that becomes ever more difficult so he decides to take to the streets. so, he is, you know, lot more complicated than some of the characters i have played in the past. he is not so much, you know, an unstoppable hero, he is someone that is trying to deal with these emotional difficulties.

>> he was a former special ops guy come bang from the war, as you said and then becomes sort of a criminal but then becomes like this vigilante justice guy, befriends a nun?

>> yes, very interesting, yes.

>> an interesting relationship, though that develops?

>> i mean, it's too -- relationship with special forces guy and a nun is not particularly common thing. so --

>> not exactly. we should hop not.

>> steven knight, the great writer and director of this, this is his directorial debut, said when he was researching the homeless community, he heard a story about a homeless person and a nun having this relationship. so the seed of the story is a true one.

>> i was saying i got a bit of "the bourn identity" for this, one man, sort of vigilante justice, out on his own, trying to right wrongs in society. you get that vibe?

>> some of the things he does isn't necessarily good things, the consequences are all very good. all for the right reasons.

>> do you a lot of those stunts, apparently?

>> apparently.

>> looks like there's some martial arts involved, right?

>> yeah, i've been involved in action movies for a while now. so, i'm tending to get stuck in, you know, myself, have done for many years, something i really enjoyed doing and i want to continue doing.

>> quickly before you go while we have you here, james gandolfini passing yesterday. also played a famously conflicted, ambiguous character. what are your thoughts this morning?

>> terrible when someone so loved and respected across the world has passed and it is a very sad day.

>> jason statham , thanks so much. good luck with the movie. "redemption," by the way, released on june 28th .