TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Expert sunscreen tips for safe summer fun

Tomorrow marks the official start of summer, and as you plan to head out on vacation, dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor offers sunscreen tips to keep your skin from burning.

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>>> requirements for all sunscreen products. dr. susan taylor is dermatologist and she is here to sort out the important and brand-new information. doc, good morning. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> so the fda now requires sunscreen products to have these brand-new labels. what's on the label?

>> so the labels are going to indicate if the sunscreen is broad spectrum .

>> which means what?

>> mean it is protects from both uvb rays and uva rays.

>> so it's gonna say that right on the product?

>> right on the product.

>> and you recommend it protect against both?

>> that's right. and the lane will also say spf 15 or a higher number.

>> all right. let's talk about some different types of people and what they should know about sunscreen.

>> that's right.

>> there's skin tone and then there's stun type. let's start with skin tone , you're light, fair-skinned, medium toned or you have a dark complexion what do you need to know about what that requires in terms of sunscreen?

>> there's one thing you need to know . that is you need to use sunscreen no matter what your race, your ethnicity or your skin tone . you must use a broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen on a daily basis every single day.

>> that's skin tone and then something called skin type .

>> right.

>> with moisturizers, we talk about people with dry skin what should they be choosing?

>> so they are going to choose a sunscreen that is moisturizing. so it's gonna have ingredients like shea butter or different oils, even oils that will help your dry skin .

>> next category?

>> sensitive skin . so, there are people who are sensitive to various chemicals. you're gonna look for a sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide .

>> what about people who have oily skin ?

>> yes. so the opposite. you want to have an oil-free sunscreen. and it's gonna be marked right on the front of the label.

>> all right. real quickly, children, one of the most important things to consider when buying sunscreen for kids?

>> you want that spf 30 but you want a product that is going to say no tears. children get sunscreen in their eyes and it sting it will say no tears.

>> for active people, athletes, people going to be jumping in and out of a pool, how long should the sunscreen last without a further application?

>> that new regulation will indicate water resistant for 40 or 80 minutes, that's the most important thing. you will no longer see waterproof but water resistant . if you're going to be in that pool for 80 minutes, you're going to select a sunscreen 80 minutes water resistant .

>> most importantly of all, don't stay in the sun all danger find an umbrella, find shade, get under it as often as possible.

>> reapply the sunscreen every two hours.