TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Steven Spielberg talks new ‘Transformers’ ride

The executive producer of the “Transformers” franchise, which has grossed $2.7 billion worldwide, talks about the new 3D attraction at Universal, saying the ride is designed to make audiences feel like the stars of the movie.

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>>> worldwide. audiences captivated from the very start by the struggle between the two extraterrestrial chance. fans will be feeling like they are part of the battle when the transformers ride 3-d opens up today here at universal orlando resort . steven spiel berg, executive blow deucer of the film and creative consultant for this ride, how are you?

>> good morning. how are you?

>> i got to tell you, i rode this ride, about as immerse sive as it gets. how hard was it designing a ride like that?

>> you know, the ride is designed, you know, with the audience in mind because the idea is that you are -- it's all about you, you replace all the stars in the transformers movie . the al spark is in your possession, you have got to get it away from the bad guy, megatron and you have got then recover it once megatron takes it from you. you are the center of attention. the entire design is around what does the audience want?

>> you know, i think people would be surprised to find out, that you -- this isn't your first go-around in a rodeo like this you started way back with "jaws" ride, bringing the experience of bruce the shark to go -- parkgoers here.

>> i was invited to the party by lou wasserman and stu sheinberg to build a ride based on the character. we started this in the mid'80s, opened universal studios florida in 1990 , then islands of adventure opened nine years later.

>> how do you decide which one of your movie franchises is going to make a good run?

>> you don't really know, which is why somebody on the executive level those take the financial plunge, but, you know, transformers was a big success before universal determined that this would be an enduring franchise and therefore worth taking a shot at putting it here in a theme park .

>> you're already at work now, michael bay was supposed to be here.

>> i'm the executive producer, michael is the genius with the universal design team behind this ride, michael is currently shooting "transformers 4" somewhere in the world today.

>> you are not exactly sure where he is going? so is there a chance we might see "lincoln" the ride?

>> no. no. no there is an anamatronic version of lincoln at the other rival theme park .

>> yeah. yeah. we won't mention that i have wanted to be able to say this, could you direct me in -- with the autobots?

>> direct you?

>> yes, so i can say i have been directed by spielberg?

>> here's the best direction i can give you.

>> yes.

>> stay away from him.

>> okay.

>> and -- and make friends with him. he will protect you.

>> all right.