TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Donald Sutherland talks new crime drama

The Emmy-winning actor talks about his new role as a respected inspector in the international criminal court on the series “Crossing Lines,” describing the show as “filled with sensibility” and talking about working with his son, Kiefer Sutherland, on an upcoming western.

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>>> meantime, say hello to emmy-winning actor donald sutherland , star of the nbc series "crossing lines," he place a lawyer in an international court bringing criminals to justice. how are you?

>> good morning.

>> you play a prosecutor it is a crime-fight showing but there's this international flavor.

>> international flavor just because it's like the -- like the fbi in the 1930s . there was -- there are no way to monitor and control crime that happens in france and italy because there's no database that shared. so, ed bernero, who is brilliant, went to interpol and said why don't do you this and they said because we have to get permission from the international court and it's just too complicated. so he created this character kind of based loosely on luis ocampo who did kosovo and prosecuted rah juan d.a. i met him in the american airlines lounge in los angeles ages ago and so that's what they do they come to see him to -- and it's a team set up by the counter, who is really wonderful. the show is ed from "criminal minds," his desire to break that template, break that mold and come up with something that was observational, no the procedural.

>> i would imagine at this stage in your career, could you pretty much have your choice of roles. what drew you to this one? what's interesting about this character?

>> ed bernero's vision, this is a show with one producer and one writer. the two of them are the creators of it and it's sensational way to work. it's filled with sensibility. you can't ask for anything more than that.

>> another subject, i know you are a big fan of "24" not just because you're legally required as the father of kiefer sutherland , it is coming back. are you more excited?

>> more excited about the fact he and i are going to do a western startinging on the 15th of july.

>> that 's wonderful .

>> then he goes and gets himself broken up and beaten up and we do that -- we do that first around then he does that in september.

>> lots to look forward to. donald sutherland , great to have you here. thank you so much. i know you will be back later with kathie lee and hoda. catch the series premiere of "crossing lines" this sunday 9/8 central here on nbc.