TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Fun in the sun: Slimming summer swimwear

If you’re worried about trouble spots in your swimsuit this summer, Rachel Rothman of Good Housekeeping has you covered. She shares styles that will have you looking great at the pool or the beach.

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>>> summer. but first, this is "today" on nbc. i know you have got a little

>>> woer back with more summer fun. we have you covered up, suits that claim to take three inches off their figure. wheel is about that the folks at good housekeeping tested these suits. rachel rothman is the technical director for its institute. good morning.

>> good morning. thank you for having me.

>> you tested more than 200 suits for what different kind of category what were the criteria?

>> we looked at 200 suits and picked 292 we wanted to test. for these, we wanted to make sure not only they were slimming but last a long time u we performed a battery of tests we did color fastness and put them in solutions of chlorine and sweat and seawater, put them up in uv rights that see how they would handle exposure to sunlight and also did abrasion tests on them to make sure they would hold up and wouldn't wear out.

>> see how these look. we have annette, alyssa and frances in the same suit, the chic shaper. you found this was one of the best values and looks great.

>> $58, a great value. as you see, all different body types , they look great. has the pros crosse body panels able to visually minimize and also has control panel in it that is physically holding them in, slimming them down and flattening their stomachs out.

>> we have three different body types , all look good.

>> fantastic.

>> any body type .

>> how should you wash your swimsuit, what is a way to do it without making the colors fade?

>> great sway put it in a solution of cool water, about a quart of it and four tablespoons of baking soda and leave it this in there for 15 minutes .

>> great. models, thank you so much. see you in a few minutes. let them get in the pool. our next look is called the curve enhancer. our model is gisenia. a beautiful color. tell us about this swimsuit?

>> a fit fuller bust line, fantastic in it really enhancing her curves. you have the ruching able to hide await parts down the want to be seen. as you see, a bold color but still looks fantastic and slimming in it.

>> if you are fuller figure you want to stay away from prints in a solid is so pretty but is that a hard and fast rule?

>> not at all. as you see, she looks great, you have the physical element holding her in, she has the confidence to wear this, with the ruching, hiding some of the elements.

>> do people like to say you should wear a high cut if you want to make your legs look thinner or better to have the cut a little bit lower?

>> with these, all cut about the same and have this panel in them holding them narcs little bit higher will really accentuate the leg.

>> you look great. have a seat over there with our other models. next we have what we are calling the cute camouflager. our model, laura. come out on out. this is suit is more price cism tell us about it.

>> we think this is worth the splurge, $147, a really great value and hold up for a lot of seasons. as you can see, the print is able to kind of camouflage any parts you document want to be seen and even though she has a bit small other of a bust line, the bow is able to accentuate her curves.

>> i think we have a before and after photo we can take a look at it. what was the before and after? what are we showing?

>> able to take the waist in inches n our test, able to bring one tester in up to 3 and a quarter inches. physically measured every single woman in these bathing suits to see what it was able to do

>> look at these and test whether they were comfortable. sometimes you have the shaping suits and they are really tight.

>> exactly. holding you in and not comfortable it is no use to you. we gave it to real testers, had them try it on, tell us about the fit and comfort and whether they thought it was swimming as well.

>> laura, thank you. have a seat. last but not lice, vintage glam look, our model, michelle. tell us about this suit?

>> the ruching, able to hide tharngs bit of a skirt detail, not super fond of your thighs, covering up. this enhances and place up the curtains.

>> looks beautiful. have the models sit down. are you willing to go in the pool? all right. going to put these suits to the test. let them get in there people want to find out more about your swimsuit tests where can they go?

>> good or check out the current issue on newsstands now.

>> rachel rothman from good housekeeping. ladies, the weather is warm, i promise.

>>> first, a check of your local news and weather.