TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Butter coffee: Extra energy or just extra fat?

Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales take a few sips of “Bulletproof coffee,” a new fad that promises to give your daily cup a kick, thanks to a dollop of butter.

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>>> trending on, can't believe it's not butter. it turns out it is. there is a new fad that promise thes to give your daily cup of joe an extra kick of energy while helping you lose weight with the addition of a surprising ingredient. here it is. butter. it is the idea behind, as they call it bulletproof coffee. it is a trend that is gaining popularity among those who follow the paleo diet , that's caveman-type eating style that means consuming mostly animal proteins and fats. we have got some right here, jerry. it sounds like a crazy combination this butter coffee. apparently, the idea is by having the butter in there, it's giving sort of that more full fat feeling. so, you're going to feel for satiated and fuller. goes really well ricola, by the way.

>> interesting.

>> it's terrible. it's terrible.

>> not my favorite. you know how i love coffee.

>> the real cream.

>> i love it with the fatty cream.

>> says it gives you an extra jolt of energy. there are 100 to 200 calories in here.

>> the idea is if you drink this and didn't eat a meal, then it might be weight loss . you drink this in addition to your eggs and bacon.

>> this instead of dessert that piece of chocolate cake you would want.

>> i can't believe it you are still talking about it. it is that bad.

>> not good.

>> normally i like everything to do with cavemen but not