TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Patriots star’s home searched in murder investigation

Police have paid multiple visits to New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez’s home over two days after the body of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd was found less than a mile away. Sources have said the two were recently seen together. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> we are learning more this morning about the homicide investigation linked to nfl star aaron hernandez . and this morning that is not the only legal trouble he is facing. nbc's stephanie gosk is in north attleboro , massachusetts, with the overnight developments. stephanie , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. well, the district attorney is officially calling this a homicide investigation. the body of a semiprofessional football star was found a little less than a mile from here. the home of new england patriots star, aaron hernandez . sources are telling the nbc affiliate that both men were seen at a nightclub the night before the body was found. new england patriots' player aaron hernandez returned home wearing team sweats, refusing to answer reporters' questions. the body found monday morning was 27-year-old oden lloyd, a semiprofessional football player in boston.

>> i'm flabbergasted. inconceivable something happened to him avenues nice kid.

>> reporter: for two consecutive days, police visited hernandez 's home a mile from the crime scene . at one point, searching inside for hours.

>> aaron has been talked to twice by law enforcement . officers showed up at his hist home initially yesterday. to our knowledge, searched it as well as his vehicle.

>> reporter: police continue to comb the area between the crime scene and the hernandez home, looking for evidence. the d.a. has asked the public for help finding a silver rearview mirror cover, like the one in these photos. but so far no suspects have been named. " sports illustrated " reports that authorities questioned the patriots' player after a rental car registered in his name was found near the crime scene , but do not consider him a suspect. lawyers for hernandez say they will not comment on the media reports while the investigation is ongoing. the patriots star tight end, who has scored 18 touchdowns since he joined the team in 2010 is facing more trouble in an unrelated case in florida. after a night at a strip club in miami last february, an acquaintance of hernandez alleges the patriots player shot him, causing him to lose his eye.

>> they left and got into some type of altercation, at which point, mr. hernandez shot my client.

>> reporter: lawyers filed a civil lawsuit last week that was originally dismissed on procedural grounds. they refiled the case on wednesday. the suit accuses hernandez of gross negligence but there were never any criminal charges filed in the case. and in the police report , the acquaintance never identifies hernandez as the shooter. this is typically the time of year that nfl players rest and get ready for the season. hernandez is trying to recover from last year's injuries but his struggles outside of the nfl could prove to be an even bigger challenge. savannah?

>> stephanie gosk, thank you so