TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

What’s tastier? Homemade or frozen desserts?

Lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky gives Kathie Lee and Hoda a desserts taste test to if it’s really worth putting the time into making homemade treats, or if you should just buy them frozen. She also offers tips for making frozen products taste the best.

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>>> desserts. " we're about to find out if we can tell the difference between home made treats and frozen, store-bought goodies.

>> if you have guests coming and no time to bake, lifestyle expert maureen petroski is here with options.

>> good to see you. do they taste similar? is it hard to tell?

>> i have a soft spot for home-baked goods. there are froze desserts that can be as good. we have one that's a giveaway --

>> this is so perfect. this one has nooks and crannies.

>> this is rustic. but rustic can go for wrong if you're not a baker. sometimes it's great to take a shortcut. pies are something that can take a long time to prepare the cleanup and baking. i want you to taste test and see if you can tell the difference.

>> i love that.

>> and this --

>> i love that.

>> this one to you.

>> mm.

>> pie is also a simple dessert to dress up. whether it's fresh berries, a la mode. this is your preference taste. and you --

>> can i tell you something, this tastes it came from the store. did it?

>> it did come from the store.

>> it's good --

>> frozen --

>> you like this better?

>> yes, there are --

>> simply --

>> dress it up.

>> she loves it.

>> i liked it. you put carmel sauce --

>> drizzle it.

>> a la mode.

>> grandma made that.

>> that's the difference.

>> that is delicious.

>> moving to the next delicious thing. another shortcut is poundcake. visually, you might be able to tell the difference here in the front.

>> i can.

>> i know which one you're going to love.

>> that's store bought.

>> the one i want.

>> store.

>> simply changing how you present them to your guests makes a world of difference.

>> okay.

>> nothing says summer like a jar like that --

>> a mason jar , wine glass , we're making a trifle here. fresh blueberries --

>> right.

>> you can't even tell the difference. you can taste those if you want.

>> you're telling us how to cheat --

>> shortcuts.

>> i don't have to even taste it. i can tell.

>> you don't like it --

>> i do. we're going to lunch with matt today, one of my favorite restaurants.

>> sara lee .

>> near east pub. i shouldn't say that. no the whole world knows.

>> yeah.

>> it's not -- it's frank and johnny's. that's where we're going.

>> you can have dessert first.

>> maybe we're going to luhrplan's.

>> poundcake, shortcut. they taste delicious. you tasted them side by side . nobody will know the difference.

>> only sara lee .

>> this is definitely a store bought. and there haare so many brands, with pies and cakes, you have a lot of leeway. there's not one that's the best. brownies and cookies. these are things you might not think to buy frozen. you might think it's easy to make cookies or brownies, but it's summertime. not everybody wants to get in the kitchen.

>> this is entenmann's?

>> frozen.

>> she knows her brands. she knows all the brands.

>> uh-huh. that's it -- so good.

>> this is homemade, i think.

>> what do you think?

>> they both -- i look to see the perfection of things. and so --

>> so --

>> these are homemade. those cookies are store bought, and these are homemade.

>> yep.

>> are we right?

>> uh-huh.

>> taste --

>> uh-huh.

>> from the lovely allie. gave us her recipe. think about how you present them. you could do this, again, cookies could be ice cream sandwiches. you could do cookies and milk dessert setup.

>> the truth is sometimes there's not that much difference.

>> the same with lemon squares.

>> looks frozen, but a little bit of powdered sugar --

>> i love that.

>> thank you, sweetie.

>> thanks for everything.

>> am ambush makeover for two lucky ladies.

>> and we'll pitch a tent in a camping competition. have