TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Double take! Funny photos to make you LOL

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off funny photos of a kid showing a sour look because he can’t play on the grass, scratch and sniff stickers of farm animals, and probably one of the sketchiest mobile spas you’ve seen.

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>>> we're back on this winesday wednesday. the moment you've been waiting for --

>> "what the what?"

>> sarah's here to sort through photos. we're going to show funny ones.

>> four good ones. first up the caption contest. the photo from margaret miller and the winning caption -- "that's for hogging my side of the uterus." ba-bam. thank you. that's cute. the next captioned one is at the end. we have a photo from carrie lad from columbia, south carolina . what do you think these smell like, scratch and sniff? i wanted to -- this does smell like a horse. i put this on there for you.

>> if they're babies, they smell good.

>> she said she sniffed them and they smelled like baby powder . what does that leave e lead one to believe?

>> that's weird.

>> and another one from plano, illinois.

>> that's adorable.

>> "maybe i don't want to keep off the grass."

>> do i have to?

>> that's a bad day for a 3-year-old.

>> this a great shot.

>> don't you love kids when they haven't grown into their heads yet? [ laughter ]

>> that kid -- has head is the same size as the rest of his body. i have enormous respect for that mother. that's all i can tell you.

>> next, we've got a photo from allison harbaugh from jeffersonville, iowa --

>> beware of the dog .

>> i hear attack ducks are the new thing. cute guy doesn't look harmful.

>> you've been warned.

>> got a --

>> maybe he's lunch for the dog.

>> we had a fawn that jumped in our pool the other day. a baby.

>> what.

>> how did he get out --

>> he didn't --

>> he did. we got him out.

>> i thought that was going to be a bad ending .

>> no. we don't know where his mother is, but we let him go. broke my heart.

>> mickey zimmer from oklahoma city submitted this. a mani/pedi van. would you ever go toward it --

>> females are warned against that --

>> joann thought it was a good idea.

>> joann's in a cher costume.

>> i bet there are shag carpets inside that thing.

>> i don't want to know who's running that.

>> get away from shag carpets.

>> and next week's contest. this is our photo sent in from lauren nelson .