TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Kid Rock: Affordable tickets for fans the ‘right way’

Singer Kid Rock has been entertaining audiences for 22 years, and this summer he has a special treat for fans on his tour – tickets that only cost $20. He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda it’s the right way to make a statement to all his loyal fans and gives them an opportunity to enjoy a concert without breaking the bank.

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>>> with kid rock about michigan. how much we love it. we've got visitors from michigan, too. this guy's a self-taught musician, performing for more than two decades to diehard fans who love his mix of rap, rock, country, pop, and even the blues.

>> he's got a great sound. now the five time grammy nominee is making you an offer you cannot refuse. he's heading out on tour this summer. get this -- all tickets for the shows, $20. the tour is aptly named "the $20 best night ever tour."

>> does that include some hookers in vegas?

>> notice --

>> too early. i have not had enough wine yet.

>> well, drink up, baby. you're in the right place.

>> hats off, by the way. so many people and kids want to see concerts. the ticket prices are outrageous.

>> that's what we were trying to do. i don't know that $20 is the right price to change the business, but i thought it was the right way to make a statement. hey, we make a lot of money. there's another way to do it. and you can still charge $20, $4 for a four-ounce beer, cheap parking, $20 t-shirts and make money if you do the numbers and people. i went in rather than have the fans, you know, try to debate how do i do it fair with them and fight about the money -- let me do a deal with live nation , and let's -- let us rich fools, we'll duke it out and see how we can --

>> such as yourself, going to the people, baby.

>> i love that.

>> 1%, and i never made an unhonest dollar.

>> not everybody can say that.

>> good for you.

>> what was live nation 's reaction? these guys are nobody's fools. they're smart. they make an awful lot of money. the business is huge for them. what was the first reaction?

>> i got to see they've been transparent through the ordeal. i said, if you'll be transparent, show me the numbers. they said, here, sign this nondisclosure. makes sense. showed me the numbers. we figured out how we can make money, maybe take a pay cut if we have to which is fine.

>> yeah. all you guys were --

>> they'll never have to go in the red. they said some nights they lose money, some nights they make a lot of money. how would you like to make money every night?

>> what was the fans' reaction? you have diehard fans --

>> thank god that the tickets are selling through the roof. st. louis wants a second show. we're going to do 28,000 in chicago. l.a. sold out in nine days. we're going to do seven shows in detroit. we're announcing today that we're going to add an eighth show.

>> it's not just you. who's on tour?

>> first half, uncle cracker , co kool and the gang .

>> i love them.

>> and z.z. top .

>> what's up with the cracker guy?

>> he's my best friend .

>> yes. playing favorites.

>> you also do something on a cruise with -- with your fans. i mean, that's got to be -- has to be insane.

>> trust me. i know about that.

>> yes, she does.

>> those people can hurt you.

>> look at this.

>> we'll get a theme song out of you. in the morning in the evening ain't we got fun especially you in the evening, baby. what ship are you on?

>> well, we actually had a new ship. it's funny that my name never came up in the carnival "destiny." that was our ship.

>> i'm the godmother to that ship.

>> me and you screwed it up?

>> no. we want a concert --

>> our shenanigans made that thing stop in the middle of the ocean?

>> i think i'm the godmothers of th -- godmother of that. check on that. you want to set the world on fire with ticket sales, kid rock and kathie lee , carnival cruise . all my hits from carnival --

>> we would love to have you sing "picture," or a song of your choice anytime.

>> i'm keding y ikidding you.

>> any time.

>> we'll leave it to the pros.

>> thank you. give him what the man really likes.

>> drink of choice?

>> you sure you want to see bourbon bobby? [ laughter ]

>> is that what you call him?

>> whoo!

>> cheers.

>> cheers, bourbon bobby.

>> congrats.

>> have an all some show with your fans.

>> i don't watch a lot of tv, but when i'm up and watching the show, i'm not the type of person who -- love the show.

>> thank you.

>> twice he's seen it. thank