TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

KLG, Hoda recap ‘Voice’ with Cher lookalike

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk about last night’s big show on “The Voice” that included stellar performances from music greats like Cher, who happens to be a fan-favorite for producer Joanne Lamarca. She dressed up like Cher and shows Kathie Lee and Hoda her outfit.

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>>> hello, everybody. it's winesday wednesday. june 19 . we're delighted that you're with us today.

>> kicking off winesday, we have new wine glasses . these are not the kind we usually drink out of. these are unique.

>> what has nbc news come to? these are available for purchase.

>> they're selling --

>> our nbc experience store.

>> selling on -- on one side it's got our images. on the other it has or logo.

>> yes, yes.

>> nice.

>> who buys these things?

>> $20.

>> like i said -- for the set?

>> $20 for two -- is that a set, two? oh, lord.

>> to purchase go to and click "shop."

>>> there's reason to celebrate if you watched "the voice" last night, and your girl was chosen.

>> i heard, yeah. we all -- i wrote this down --

>> she picked danielle , i picked the swon brothers.

>> this girl has an opportunity to have a huge career.

>> it's one of those when it comes to the last moment, it was so thrilling. it was between your girl, danielle , and michelle -- let's watch the winning moment. [ cheering ]

>> why are they waiting so long?

>> they want you to sweat it out.

>> danielle badbery! danielle !

>> oh. wow. that's a great moment.

>> can you imagine, 16 years old. usually when you're 16, you can't wait to go to your prom. that's the highlight of your life. you're going to go to the prom. but no, she's going to have a major, major career.

>> you predicted that she would be along the lines of --

>> she reminds me when carry underwood won. do you know what's sad? i know this is the fourth season of "the voice," and we couldn't remember who aem'd won the last three. we couldn't remember. they're all talented people, but -- though i hear cassadee pope has an album coming out.

>> you feel that danielle will be a standout among the previous winners. there's something about her that you feel will cut through.

>> this business is so much more than talent. she's got the right constitution for it. give her a cover girl commercial now. she's so fresh-faced and sweet. and that world, the country world --

>> yeah --

>> and the gospel music world --

>> yeah.

>> if they're not something, they are so loyal.

>> right. once they love you, they love you.

>> once they love you, they love you.

>> it's not easy to be loved. you have to work it.

>> they expect you at the fan fest. we have kid rock coming on in a bit. we'll talk about. that talk about longevity.

>> we made a promise yesterday on our program.

>> yes, we did. that's right.

>> we talked about cher . we knew cher was going to be performing. it was her first performance if five years. first live performance since she retired. we talked about joann le marco, our producer who loves cher .

>> is obsessed with cher .

>> she promised that she would dress the part.

>> in her old cher outfits that were really cher 's clothes.

>> let's see if we've got it right. let's take a shot.

>> come on.

>> oh, my gosh! in the light --

>> come here in the light.

>> joann , jojo -- oh, my gosh!

>> you did it all the way.

>> oh, my gosh. is that cher 's real hair? cher ?

>> look.

>> oh she's still got the tag.

>> yes, but i can't return it because the store is closed.

>> that's right.

>> it's just on --

>> do you know what?

>> what?

>> have long have you had that? you look amazing.

>> you look hot.

>> 20 years. when i put it on i used to wear a miniskirt underneath it -- nothing, nothing.

>> you have leggings?

>> was it fun watching cher ? do you believe in love after love

>> that's her song.

>> look at that --

>> adorable. how many times have you been to a cher -- how many times to a cher concert, jo jo ?

>> countless times. i met her.

>> does she remember you?

>> of course. no, i don't know.

>> you're tight. sometimes when you actually meet your -- the person that you are obsessed with, they can be disappointing.

>> was it --

>> it wasn't for you, right?

>> honestly, i -- i had this whole group of friends. our cher fan friends group that we traveled with.

>> cher what?

>> fan friends. we started the international cher fan club together.

>> of course you did.

>> she was always fabulous. she was always fabulous.

>> she is fabulous. a heck of a woman.

>> so is joann . we love you --

>> where is that split screen?

>> call for it.

>> all right.

>> cher 's 67 years old. isn't that amazing?

>> her new album is called " closer to the truth ." out in september. and i'm excited for her. you know, she's still kicking it.

>> i love her.

>> you can go on broadway and see bette midler still kicking it. you know --

>> you're right. you're right. legends.

>> do you know who kicks it more than anybody? betty white . 91 and still kicking it.

>> she is.

>>> if you enjoy singing, we have another little singing clip for you. jimmy fallon --

>> who's always doing something fun.

>> and brad pitt took up another version of-year-oldling version yodeling --

>> who doesn't love yodeling? [ yodeling ] [ yodeling ] [ applause ] [ yodeling ] [ laughter ] [ yodeling ]

>> a duet yodeling. [ cheers and applause ]

>> oh! that's genius.

>> that was perfect.

>> i love the long, long yodel. it's "same." so funny. good for him.

>>> we have elvis durant on our show speaking of music. we love it when he comes on. once a month he comes on.

>> bring brand new artists. and there's so much new talent.

>> he always picks winners. listen to this -- before you and give the meaning no one else has found the only play is so important we are the voices of the

>> like mumford and sons and a little bit --

>> i was thinking that.

>> i love that. the mystery group -- we're going to need them. they'll perform later in our show thanks to elvis.

>> okay.

>>> now, there's been unusual silence in the kardashian camp. we all know that kim gave birth on saturday. everybody's been speculating. i've heard that the baby only weighed five ounces -- five pounds. excuse me.

>> yeah.

>> five pounds. nobody wants to hear that after you've given birth. nobody.

>> i know. five pounds?

>> the good news is a healthy baby. the bad news is five pounds. you're thinking, oh, my gosh. kim, she'll get there. but anyway, there's been talk about what are they going to name the little baby.

>> and there's been speculation. one name that leaked out and i don't know whether a nurse saw some paperwork or -- who knows what happened. anyway, this is the leaked name, it's not official. cat kadenc donda west.

>> k-a-i.

>> and donda was kanye's mom who passed away. no one in the family has confirmed it. i've only texted chris. i don't know. i don't know.

>> i'll be curious.

>> we'll talk about would you wednesday -- would you name your child, would you give them a creative name.

>> yeah. a lot of people do that. i think they want their kids to stand out. to not be like every other kid in school.

>> to be unique.

>> and "g.q." magazine decided there were etiquette rules to name your children.

>> who named them the arbiters of everything tasteful?

>> they know. they say don't invent a new name. don't make up something out of the blue.

>> okay.

>> don't pick a name that sounds cool like ace, duke, or rock.

>> first of all, our friends, the rancics named their little boy duke. he's adorable. and we have kid rock on the show. he might have something to say about that.

>> ace --

>> and rock is good --

>> ace sounds like you'd, a winner as a kid. what's your name, ace. sounds like a kid who's going to be successful.

>> ace everything in life. i don't know. don't use unnecessary double letters. turn the letter -- don't turn the letter "y" into a vowel,trof apostrophes.

>> when i started signing books, i go, karen, k-a -- no, k-a-r-y-n -- the ys are really big.

>> john mellancamp's son's name is spec wildhorse.

>> he's probably going to become a lawyer. then penn jillette 's daughter is moxie crimefighter.

>> that's her name.

>> jason lee named his son pilot inspector. but inspector is i-n-s-p-e-k-t-o-r. i bet that's never going to be misspelled. i'll never forget whether i named cody and -- and regis was so wanted me to name him regis . i can't believe your parents named you regis . why would i do that to my child?

>> is regis --

>> when i was pregnant with a girl, he says, "you've got to name her regina." i said, "i'm not naming her regina." to get him off my back, i said, "listen, if i go and save a dog from the pound and name it after you, will you get off my back?"

>> that's why you named your dog regis ?

>> he goes, "would you do that for me?" yeah, so we had regis for 14 years. he was awesome. but regis never forgave me. cody and cassidy, he said, "it's a freaking wild west show ."

>> yeah.

>> those were considered unusual names back then.

>> then everyone started naming their kids cody after you -- after cody .

>> i guess.

>> well there was a whole thing.

>> i wonder how many more regises there were.

>> is regis a family name ? what is that? do you know?

>> it means king.

>> of course it does.

>> and he's lived up to it. that's right. regis -- do you know his middle name ? very few do. xavier. love the man.

>> regis xavier?

>> yes. he's not jewish. that's a very irish catholic name.