TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

How bad is it to leave water in a kiddie pool?

As we get into the heart of summer, from picnics to barbecues, do you ever ask yourself, “How bad is it if I just leave this water in the kiddie pool?” or “is it bad to fish a fly out of wine and keep drinking?” Sara Peterson of HGTV magazine answers the questions that get us thinking.

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>> barbecue we have all done something we don't want to admit to but how bad is it, really? sarah peters is putting us to the test. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you're going to quiz us.

>> yes, okay. every month in the magazine we have a column called how bad is it. lots of household questions. the answers range from not bad at all, sort of bad, really bad, pretty bad, super bad .

>> okay. what's the first.

>> so you guys are competing. how bad is it to pick out -- oh, here's your fly in your wine. it landed. how bad is it to pick it out and keep drinking your wine.

>> i say not bad. i say not bad at all.

>> you're right. you're right. it's not bad at all. alcohol kills any bacteria or germs.

>> would that be the same with say, just water.

>> no, and also not food. that's super bad .

>> that's super bad .

>> if a fly lands in your food, pick it out and do not eat it.

>> as long as you have the booze you're okay.

>> can we move around the yard? how bad is it to not dump water out of your kiddie pool . and leave it overnight.

>> is it super bad or bad.

>> it's really bad.

>> willie's right. standing water breeds bacteria. skin infection , ear infection . dump it out every night. every few days, wipe it with cleaning wipes, it disinfects it. okay. the grill, boys love lighter fluid all over the charcoal. how bad is it to douse it in lighter fluid when you're grilling.

>> that's pretty bad.

>> that's super bad .

>> i would say sorta bad.

>> that can travel back up and into --

>> a few squirts to coat it. you want them all coated.

>> but we're guys.

>> you want the big flame .

>> and it comes back up, boom.

>> revised answer it's super bad for you.

>> thank you.

>> i don't even use lighter fluid , a chimny is the best way to go.

>> especially when you already have the flames.

>> you don't. it's just going to make everything taste like lighter fluid .

>> and petroleum gets in there.

>> it's not a good taste.

>> okay. so the lawn mower .

>> i was able to move it.

>> the power of al roker .

>> does this look familiar? this is a lawn mower .

>> yes.

>> and i need the know, how bad is it to mow your lawn in the same pattern every time.

>> you're supposed to alternate.

>> it's like moderately bad. on the scale of things that are bad.

>> it's pretty bad.

>> pretty bad. because you want to mix up your m m mowing patterns. when grass is cut it grows in the direction it's cut. if you always grow it one direction it's going to be slanted. north south , east west , diagonal.

>> so i like that baseball diamond look.

>> i like the diagonadiagonal.

>> so you're like look at that. that's fantastic.

>> you could mow a monogram. that's fun.

>> i like it.

>> that's super great. so who won this contest. we have a prize from hgtv magazine.

>> al moved the meter on that. he changed the way we think about lighter fluid .

>> is there a tie breaker .

>> a tie breaker .

>> okay. so -- willie you get grilling tools. you get grilling tools and al you get an apron from hgtv magazine, it's not bad at all.

>> thank you. sarah peterson, thanks.