TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Grill up a summer meal with southern flair

New Orleans native John Besh shares a few of his favorite southern-flavored recipes for the grill, including herb-grilled snapper with buttermilk dressing and grilled corn on the cob.

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>> summer barbecue.

>> john besh 's family table, the new orleans native, father of four shows us how there's time to make delicious food every day by planning ahead. a few of those recipes for us. good to see you.

>> great to you see.

>> i get a kiss.

>> i do the same thing.

>> let's start with great pieces of fish here.

>> summer grilling season, what better to throw on the grill than a piece of snapper or grouper. i say like whatever good, fresh fish you have in your neck of the woods, this is off at the gulf coast .

>> how is it doing? how's the gulf doing?

>> things have never been better. the tourism is coming back. the food is wonderful. for this fresh fish, simple, hit it with a touch of olive oil and pepper and you don't need to cut anything up, just drop your herbs right on top. whatever you happen to have. i throw them all over the fish and.

>> you start skin side up.

>> i want to do flesh side down in this case. so this is a nice little fillet. we're just going to flip it. i'm going to show you.

>> how long would you do that on each other.

>> three minutes or five minutes on each side depending on the thickness o testify fish. you don't real sli to kill it. it's nice, white, flesh, flaky. it's going to fall apart and that's okay. so here, al, if you can come over here and mix all of these little ingredients. we have mayonnaise right there.

>> it's going to go on top of the corn, right?

>> a little bit of vinegar, onion powder , garlic powder , a little bit of celery salt .

>> the corn, we have just like grilled the corn, soaked it in water, grilled it for about 15 or 20 minutes just like that.

>> you're going to put it in water.

>> and all you're dealing with here is just a little bit of some chopped dill, you have chives in there, that's great. so basically this is our fresh buttermilk dressing.

>> now come around here.

>> come around this way. we have it all done right here for you. everything is perfectly set as per the norm for the today show .

>> making our plates for us.

>> and look.

>> that look as maizing.

>> just like that.

>> and can it be any healthier?

>> very healthy.

>> it's about light, fresh flavors of the summer. al you have the corn.

>> this is all for me. thank you, you don't get a plate.

>> a little squeeze of lemon and you're in business.

>> that's like no time t. longest is cooking the corn on the grill.

>> the grill, that's 15 minutes or so. if you don't want to do it, don't worry about it. but everything left over you can use for salad. take it the next day, a pita sandwich, whatever you want . easy fresh.

>> hey, how are you.

>> i have lemon on my hands i'm sorry.

>> an a song in your hart.

>> they invite you out to late for this.

>> they don't allow me around the preparation. just the eating.

>> he likes to put his hands in the food all the time.

>> we're getting in there.

>> john besh , thank you so